Gnommie App


Gnommie is a fantastic news app that collects latest news, opinions and stories to help users stay informed with their favorite news. It automatically collects and classifies latest news and happenings. It collates and gather RSS feeds from plenty of news sources and provides users with the news that they like most.

Awesome Feature
  • A single place to find latest news, opinions and stories right at your fingertips.
  • Different news categories to find your favorite news easily.
  • Customizable setting to connect only with the news that you like to read most.
  • Share your favorite news via email.
  • Add favorite news to reading list.
  • Save image, copy news and more.
  • Building a comprehensive news platform.
  • Integration of customizable setting functionality.

Xanadu Real Estate App


Xanadu is a real estate search app that helps users to find plenty of promising real estate investment opportunity available across the globe. Users can easily find investment opportunities in the various parts of the world at their fingertips. They can see properties with description, address details and prices. Users can also add their favorite properties to “Add to Favorite” list, see the info and coupons when they are offline.

Awesome Feature
  • Easy to search most promising investment opportunities.
  • Find properties with address and contact details.
  • “Add to favorite” option to view property details in offline mode.
  • Get alerts to know about new properties.
  • Search property via map.
  • Find real estate with description and price.
  • Share property info with friends.
  • Meeting client’s exact requirements.
  • Creating functionality to view information in offline mode.

Rapidturtle App


Rapidturtle is a platform that helps everyone from large organizations to Trade-me Sellers connect with transporters to ship their goods in a swift and cost-effective manner. It features a large network of transporters situated across the country that offers affordable transportation and shipping services. Whether you want to move furniture, household items, freight or looking for transportation services to deliver food, rapidturtle helps you find the best possible affordable transportation and shipping options at your fingertips.

This platform offers a great opportunity of earning extra income to workers, students and any other individuals who are ready to transport their goods.

Awesome Feature
  • Easy registration Process.
  • Login via Facebook or Google.
  • Interactive and user-friendly dashboard.
  • Select goods that you want to transport from different shipping categories.
  • Sub categories to specify particular goods.
  • Post transport task by providing post details.
  • Define distance/delivery route.
  • Creating prototype to achieve exact requirements of client.
  • Integration of various functionality into a single platform.



Shop owners are always in the endeavor of finding new ways to offer enhanced user experience and get more customers. Developing a Shop app is one of such ways that help shop owners to grow their business.

Quick Shop is a feature-rich shopping app which is developed to offer an accelerated shopping experience to customers. Using this app, users can order their desired products with just a few taps on their mobile devices. This app make it simple for customers to buy anything from malls and shops without standing in a queue. Once customers place an order, they get the delivery either by choosing pick up or home delivery option. The app offers various payment options to make payment effortlessly.

The admin panel of the website is highly user-friendly. It enables shop owner or a website admin to easily manage the products, add product descriptions, add prices and the product images. Furthermore, the store owner can receive the automatically generated bar-code for each product that he can stick on each product. The system has been loaded with order management functionality to handle in-cash purchases. Customer can increase or decrease the quantity of in-case product order, confirm it and get delivery.

Awesome Feature
  • View product details and availability.
  • Scan product bar-code.
  • Add the product into the cart.
  • Check out and payment facility either via payment gateway or Cash.
  • PDF invoice generation and facility of sending PDF via email.
  • Adding inventory of products with stock quantity (stock, description, price, image).
  • Auto generation of barcode while adding product for sale.
  • Order management.
  • Provision of changing the quantity of products via backend for in-cash orders, and then confirm it.
  • User management.
  • Admin manageable editing of orders value and thus corresponding amount.
  • Creating a functionality of updating bar-codes to already added products for Admin.

Helpmarket App


In today’s mobile generation Helpmarket,a local marketplace app proves to be the best platform where people can search for the local helpers who can be Neighbours, skilled workers and professionals. User can compare the helpers based on their availability, skills and work experience. A separate profile page is designed for each helper which includes their qualification, skills and total work experience. If we talk about professionals, they can set a economical and competitive weekdays and weekend rates to get selected by the user. Here the user can select the best quotation provided by all the helpers. Direct Communication between user and helper. Moreover, user can write a feedback or leave a review for the local service provider after the completion of help.

Awesome Feature
  • The User can select the best local helper out of the list.
  • Quote request and receive help functionality.
  • A separate local dashboard where you can check for latest activities and News feed.
  • Availability management for helpers.
  • Social media sharing option.
  • Integration of base CRM to maintain the huge database, float bulk messages and notifications.
  • Split payment through Stripe payment gateway is the toughest task to accomplish when it comes to secure online payment system.
  • It was crucial to synchronize the connection between the Mobile Application and website.



Custodian, a property application which helps the user to manage their properties investments, wealth, returns and goals online. An app which is created with intelligence property search assistant, fetching answers to user question in quick succession. Further, this application provides the user updated news and alerts provided by the admin.

Awesome Feature
  • User can add and manage their property
  • Can check rent and loan amount
  • Manage their land, returns, wealth and goal
  • Able to add and manage their land, house and existing through Core-Logic API
  • Users can add bulk users from backend
  • Set goals according to the net worth, assets, income and land
  • Able to see their liabilities and current valuation
  • Integration of Core-Logic API to get the values of the property
  • Synchronization of Admin panel with the Salesforce
  • Displaying the graph using various code libraries
  • Displaying suburb using Core-Logic with a graph

School Days App


School Days App is a school app that comes under education app category. It comprises everything necessary for teachers, parents, and school community. It enables parents to view grades of their children, message teachers and stay informed with latest school events and news. It removes the communication barriers among parents, teachers, and school administration. It allows teachers to post grades while school officials can use this app to post latest events and news.

Awesome Feature
  • Teachers able to enter the grades for students in their respective profiles with respect to class, section and subject.
  • Teachers and parents can communicate with each other using this application.
  • Teachers able to post events and news for their students and respective parents.
  • Create communities for the common discussion platform among either teachers, parents or teachers and parents.
  • Make application compatible for multiple schools and hence to facilitate app owner to create personalized admin panel for each school.
  • Chat functionality for a vast user base.
  • Multiple design iterations.



Ugber, an on-demand mobile application that connects tutors and clients to book the session instantly or for the later appointment. Using this app, mentors who are available to conduct sessions can register themselves by adding the subjects so that clients can book the session slots. Further, the mentor has the authority to accept or reject the client request and once the session gets over the payment will be credited to the mentor’s account.

Awesome Feature
  • The user can search the available mentors to their nearby location using GPS locator
  • The user can book a mentor for the future
  • Mentor can add multiple subjects
  • Mentor can set the weekly availability
  • Split payment gateway is integrated onto the application
  • Implementing the mentor availability feature
  • Integration of split payment gateway
  • Setting the timer functionality for clients so that mentors reaches the client location on time

Supreme Council for Women


SCW, an iOS and android application which is compatible with smartphones, tablet and iPad to show the statistics and indicative data of the supreme council for women. The application is created in both English and Arabic language allowing the admin to enter content and data under the available six categories.

Awesome Feature
  • Multilingual application with English and Arabic language
  • 6 fixed categories are displayed
  • The data can be imported by the admin from the backend
  • Data is graphically represented to the user
  • Responsive web-based admin panel
  • Making the application multilingual
  • Designing a responsive admin panel
  • Importing all the content from the backend



Dlvr4All is a revolutionary app developed to make your life easier with instant delivery from any place to any place such as road assistance, towing & marine service. It’s a platform which connects the mates who are looking for the services with Stars who deliver anything from any store or restaurant in minimal time. A platform built with amazing functionality where mate will request for service order by filling up the required details such as category, pick-up location and drop-off location and the system will find the nearest star based on GPS locations and ultimately send the mate request to the star.

Awesome Feature
  • Connect delivery professional with a mate for instant delivery from any place to any place
  • Schedule the delivery at your convenient time and location
  • Get roadside assistance for flat tire repair, towing, battery repair and fuel gas delivery
  • Order anything from food to medicine
  • Dlvr4All express delivery – Instant goods delivery at your doorstep
  • Boat shipping assistance from your home to the coast or vice versa
  • Implementation of Vehicle Tracking System