Risk Manger


This is a unique online risk management platform that helps users to keep a vigilant eye over the operations and documentation involved in media advertisement business. In the simplistic term, the site works as a risk management system for advertisers, advertising agencies and production houses to help them avoid the risks involved in the production of an advertisement.

The site allows production houses or advertisement agencies to invite various stakeholders (participants) who are involved in the lawful advertisement creation. These stakeholders can add their documents to the site or even create new documents with already existing templates. These documents needs are verified and approved by each participant to start the production process. For auditing purpose, the admin assigns auditors to evaluate the authenticity of the submitted documents.

Basically, this system has been developed for the members in advertising jobs to come together and comply with their legitimate risk management obligations.

Awesome Feature

Core features front side:

  • Create jobs.
  • Invite participants for adding documents.
  • Create a new document from the provided HTML template, or upload documents (all sort like image, pdf, doc, excel, video etc.).
  • Update document using already created HTML template or replace uploaded documents.
  • Approve/disapprove jobs created by participants.
  • Pay the payment by self or through the participant (PayPal or offline).
  • Re-signing off (approval) if documents have been replaced or edited.

Core features admin side:

  • User management
  • Job management
  • Job Participant management
  • Action log display
  • Auditing management
  • Finance management
  • Creation of a payment system that allows one user to make the payment of another user.
  • Developing a unique signing-off mechanism as per client’s requirement.

Phone repair auction


An online phone repairing auction website, where the user can create and customize an auction in order to receive phone repairers bid. Moreover, it depends on user how long they want to run an auction so that repairers can ask question or message the user for any query related to the task. It’s basically a marketplace where customers and phone repairers meet so that customer can post his requirement and get the quotations from different phone repairers. After the completion of repairing work, the customer can pay for the same and can write a feedback or leave a review for the repairer.

Awesome Feature
  • Bids are placed automatically when the auction is within repairer area.
  • Repairer can place bid on auction depending upon the kilometer limit set by the customer.
  • A website where repairer wallet starts at $0 in the beginning of monthly automatic billing cycle.
  • Auto debit membership plans in each monthly billing cycle.
  • Auto billing option for the repairer, hence no need to deposit security amount.
  • Reverse auction website where the role of customer and repairers get reversed.
  • Auto billing option for the repairers from their card.
  • Developing a recurring payment option was a complexity as this is the most important revenue generating factor.
  • Auto delivering notifications to the repairers who are within customers’ specified area.

Car Bidding Software


This is reverse auction system in which a person who needs a car service can post a requirement. The system will consist of various car dealers who will provide their quotations, and the person who is posting will be inquiring to these dealers via chatting service provided by the system.
The dealer can conduct a search easily with the search panel by entering the known names. With the same method, service seekers can search dealers’ profile and chat with them.

Awesome Feature
  • Dealer’s profile creation.
  • Employers can post a requirement.
  • Bidding and interviewing of profiles.
  • Chatting features to get into discussion easily.

Solution Category

  • Website Solustion



This is a reverse auction website that allows employers to post their requirements and dealers to bid over them. The lowest bid bags the project.

The main purpose of this website is to build a platform where its users can interact i.e. the employers and dealers can communicate with each other. Hence, the major functionalities for user interactions such as live chat, QNA board, and FAQ are integrated into the system.

Awesome Feature
  • Registration: Separate for dealers and employers.
  • Post Requirement: Users posts the requirements on the website with all the required parameters.
  • Bid on the project: Dealers can place the bid on the project depending on the basis of requirement posted by the employer.
  • Messaging system: The employer can communicate with the dealer to discuss the project in detail.
  • Communication functionality/ messaging system.
  • Implementing user-friendly dashboard for both the customer and repairer.
  • Providing ease of posting requirements.

World Filming Resources


Working Filming Resources is a reverse auction platform, where customers will be able to post their film related projects on the website and freelancers [actors, production support, choreographers etc.] and will be able to post their bids in the respective categories.
Freelancers [individuals] can search through various categories and make bids on the entire project requirements posted by clients. Customers may have different means of posting projects. You can rent your equipment according to the re-entry process. Customers and freelancers can communicate with each other using the integrated chat functionality with this platform.

Awesome Feature
  • Sign In
  • Sign up
  • Search functionality
  • Post a Project functionality
  • Bid on the projects
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Chat functionality
  • Testimonials
  • Social media integration
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Dispute Management
  • Client was very peculiar in terms of design, so to manage the designing aspects was the biggest challenge.
  • Implementation of post a project functionality as per different project categories.
  • Project category management.

Solution Category

  • Website Development

Rolling Pear


Rolling Pear is one stop place which ensures to find enough opportunities for staying free and rolling. It is an online ecommerce website and reverse auction platform which allows service providers to show their services that enable service seekers/customers to look upon and hire numerous services which they need for. The website features categories that range from household works to office like book-keeper, graphic designer and so on. It offers a smart way in the form of reverse auction to both service providers and seekers to connect with each other and achieve their missions.

Awesome Feature
  • Create a self-profile and service profile.
  • Post a service.
  • Rating and Reviews.
  • Subscription Fee.
  • Pre-Payment.
  • Stripe payment gateway integration using plan and coupons code.
  • Invite friend using social media.
  • Endorsement module.
  • Point system module
  • Searching functionality using filter(miles, city, category)

Solution Category

  • Ecommerce Website