Every year a new set of Google core algorithm updates hit the market, out of which few have a dynamic impact on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Every time the search engine giant updates its algorithm, it offers an unmatched experience to its users. However, if you are closely linked with SEO, you must be caught with a query of “Why these updates influence the ranking.”


Google’s launch of the update appears to be an apprise with widespread effects. Google has re-evaluated whether they can trust the content on many sites; they seem to have done a lot more with this significant update.

While we can’t say for sure what Google has changed, we hope that our comments on the type of content that Google is rewarding will help you make the content on your site the best of its kind.

What Does This Core Update 2020 Means?

While the latest core updates appear to be heavily focused on trusting and protecting researchers’ security, we believe the most significant progress Google has made with the May 2020 update understands what says the researcher and provide them with useful information. In other words, Google has improved in determining relevance.

The update majorly focuses on below four factors;

  • Introduction of Core Web Vitals. According to Google, the loading speed, interactivity, and content structure of the pages are the basis of Core Web Vitals 2020.
  • Strength of the E-A-T effect. When judging your content according to criteria of specialization, authority, and reliability, you can align it with the Google algorithms used to classify the content.
  • The user’s search intent becomes even more critical. According to Google, the recent update aims to improve how the search algorithm categorises content to make results more significant to the user’s search intent.
  • Nofollow links are considered clues in March 2020. Reference pages and nofollow links are used to better understand your web page’s context, which explicitly means that they are no longer overlooked.

How Google Core Update Effects Your Ranking?

Google’s top updates are not harsh. Previously, where an entire site or part of a site used to get penalized and prevented it from ranking well in search results.

Basic updates mean that Google has improved to provide relevant answers to specific questions, which means that some of your pages may already be underpaid and now rank higher. It also means that some of your pages may have been rated highly for queries to which they did not respond, and Google has now rated the page more appropriately and lower.

Talk With An SEO Agency To Better Understand The Google Core Update

To overcome the hit Google Core upgrade scenario, you need to focus on an extensive landscape. Working with an SEO agency is one effective way to find problems with existing update. Once the dos and don’ts are cleared, you can start thinking about rebuilding SEO strategies.

You can consider SEO optimization for your website at start to stay in-sync with the latest Google Update.


The world is evolving drastically, and the online world associated with Google Search needs to be updated in real-time. Search terms related to tourism, travel, live entertainment, and events are decreasing as coronavirus search trends increase. These research trends are likely to change as the pandemic improves over time.

In the meantime, Google recommends that you continue to create relevant content as usual. If you are posting local news on your website, this critical update may be in your favor.

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