Facebook ads can be a great way to reach online and connect with new leads. However, Facebook ads’ success depends on how effective and planned your campaigns are. According to Statista, Facebook’s advertising revenue in the United States is projected to amount to 39.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2021, marking a dramatic increase from an estimated 23.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. During the same period, global Facebook ad revenues are set to amount to almost 95 billion U.S. dollars. So, it’s time to upscale your digital marketing campaigns which surely includes Facebook PPC too.

Below, we will discuss some of the Facebook PPC strategies to help promote your business on Facebook:

  • Take benefit of lookalike audiences for Facebook Ads:

Are you utilizing a lookalike audience to reach more to your qualified leads? Facebook lookalike audience may be the core elements that made Facebook PPC a success. Every company aims to clone their best customers. Facebook lookalike audience is the next best thing. This Facebook ad tool enables you to find and deliver targeted ad content to future customers like your current customers. All you need to make it a part of Facebook advertising strategy.

For best output, you have to start making a lookalike audience base of best customers. These are those individuals who are already showcasing the interest and find value in the brand and constantly buying from your company. Create an individual list of best customers from overall contacts and make the custom audience as per the best customers. By such techniques, you can experience the best ROI from your Facebook ads.

  • Use retargeting to reach audience who visited previously:

If you are not leveraging the benefits of Facebook’s retargeting abilities, you miss out on a robust chance to reengage potential leads. Facebook enables the retarget audience to stop at your site, scrolled your website pages, but have not taken any action or buy your products or services yet. These customers have showcase interest in a brand, but they may need assistance, information, reminder, or encouragement to make them come back to purchase.

With retargeting ads, you have to take benefit of interest, which users have shown previously in your organizations since your retargeting audience already knows about your brand and the products or services you provide. Your advertising content may indicate something more direct. Here one should not be afraid to use sales-focused language because it is the necessary push to the consumer to complete their purchase.

  • Create video content to enhance Facebook PPC results:

Video is one of the highly robust content formats for modern digital marketing. Engaging visual content enables the audience to entice and gain attention and show a compelling story related to your brand. However, you have to create a mindset and think differently about video a little bit different when making effective Facebook PPC advertising.

For example, you don’t want to separate your ad content from a 30-second TV ad. Facebook is a diversified platform, and as such, you have to make unique content for Facebook ads. When developing your storyboard, make sure to keep in mind the specific audience segment you are going to target with ad content. You have to consider how you can encourage your audience to click on site and get them to engage with your content in another way, like sharing video or making a comment.

  • Test various elements of Facebook ads frequently:

When it is about Facebook advertising, the best way to know what works with A/B testing of your ads works and what doesn’t. You have many different options for putting together an advertising campaign on Facebook, which means that various factors can impact your success. Facebook A / B testing helps you find out which factors can help you or hold you back.

Facebook makes the A/B testing process fast and easy through its split testing functionality. This functionality enables you to test various versions of your Facebook advertising. Both versions can easily be checked on the target audience. However, Facebook gives you the best changes that will provide the data you need to identify.

  • Target audience interest to improve ad engagement:

In addition to targeting audiences based on demographic information such as age or location, you can also target users based on their interests and behaviors. Facebook has collected a large amount of data from its 2 billion users, including all types of comments, shares, and followers. Your business can leverage this abundant information to target Facebook users whose interests align with your business or with your current customers.

To create a target audience keeping in mind the interest, you will click on “Audience” when making an ad set. You will then see a menu with drop-down under “Detailed Targeting,” which enables you to select an interest that you would like in your ad campaign.

Facebook Ads has also changed CPC due to COVID-19 in 2020. As per the Statista, during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak in the United States, in mid-March 2020, brands had to pay on average close to 9 U.S. cents for a click on Facebook ads, while at the beginning of the year this cost amounted to 11 U.S. cents. In general Facebook advertising has become cheaper with the recent spike in usage of the platform influenced by COVID-19.

By including Facebook ads as a part of the campaign strategy, you can work to capture prospects that, if you are still not getting the output, then you have to look for a social media marketing company that has the expertise in providing the best SMM services to their clients.

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