Holidays are the best time to drive traffic to any eCommerce websiteShopaholics eagerly waits for the day to come when they will be getting a significant discount on almost every product visible on the website.   

Well, as you already know this fact so, what should be your next step?   

The answer is choosing brilliant holiday marketing ideas.   

There are many proven tips to boost eCommerce sales. Let’s go through them one by one.  

Tips to Increase eCommerce Sales with Holiday Marketing ideas  

Tip 1: Have a holiday shipping schedule  

Having a holiday shipping schedule will inform the buyers about the deadlines of the order date. During holidays there are chances that a plethora of new customers will land on to your website and will be unfamiliar with the order deadlines.    

It’s your responsibility to let them know about the shipping details. It would be great to inform the shoppers beforehand about any delay before they shop. This will not trigger their frustration level and ease your efforts in the busy days.    

Tip 2: Offer Electronic Gift Cards  

Electronic gift cards have always proved to be a great holiday marketing strategy for eCommerce and brick-and-mortar businesses. It has always helped in bringing sales from the last-minute shoppers. Some shoppers procrastinate the gift buying process due to which the shipping cut-off date passes. But getting those electronic gift card; boosts their enthusiasm, and they do the last-minute shopping.   

We highly recommend offering gift cards throughout the year. It can be both physical or virtual gift cards. But during holidays, prefer offering virtual ones because they don’t need to be shipped and can quickly get delivered to the customers’ inbox 

Tip 3: Engage your audience on Social media  

Promote the special holiday offer on social media. It will enhance your brand’s presence and elicit positive reactions. Make use of every social media platform that can bring you leads.    

Everyone loves getting free stuff, and the feeling spikes when they can regift it to someone. No doubt, it is one of the best ways to engage customers and expand your audience base 

Tip 4: Make the most of Content Marketing  

Content Marketing is the cherry on the cake. The content-driven approach works wonder for both the businesses that sell to B2C or B2B customers.   

For example, if your customers are B2C, you can sort your products per customer’s persona. Like T-shirts for him or sarees for her.   

If you are B2B retailers, create free webinars, downloadable content like guides, eBook, and help them utilize their holidays efficiently.   

Content marketing allows you to flaunt your products/services. 

Last words  

To thrive in this competitive market, opt for eCommerce web development services. Such services will help you stand firm in this tech-savvy world.  

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