The arrival of a tiny virus has left the year 2020 just for a heck of mentioning. People around the world are facing a rough time. The dent done to the economy is clearly visible. Amidst this pandemic, one of the sectors that were hard hit is the hospitality industry. Travel and tourism halted, and the plans of hodophilia got flushed away.  

Hotel rooms, bars, and restro remained empty. Thinking of the hotels and small businesses that expected the vacation season to go smoothly makes us feel sad. Hence, it becomes necessary for the hospitality sector to put in great effort to maintain customers’ even flow. Here comes the role of mobile app developments 

Let’s check out how mobile applications can provide benefits to the hospitality industry.  

Benefits of Mobile Application in the Hospitality Industry  

Mobile applications are the best way to reach your potential customers. Whatever be the situation, apps play a vital role in easing customers’ lives, as it can be used in planning, entertainment, communication, eCommerce, news stories, etc. The list of genres is almost endless in the app store. So how does the hospitality industry can make the most of it?  

When we talk about mobile app development for the hospitality industry, we focus on restaurants, bars, hotels, theme parks, etc. It’s time to walk you through the possible uses for mobile apps in the hospitality sector.  

Motels, Hotels, and Holidays Inside  

Hotels are a unique business model focusing on generating a desired number of guests to balance the cost of facility and labor provided. In general, they would like to know the number of bookings done in a specific quarter. This can be the place where a mobile app can improve their experience. Mobile apps for motels can enhance the booking process and provide better exposure to the best deals. By having a mobile app for your hotel, you don’t have to rely on your website. As many a time, customers may face downloading issues during the high traffic, that can irritate your customers’ booking process. It can also be an excellent way to offer certain offers only to privileged customers who have downloaded your app. Customers can provide booking information as early as possible and even can settle payments beforehand.   

Technologies like blockchain can be used to provide a more secure payment process to customers that will undoubtedly build their confidence in your hotel. To set your business apart, you need to offer more than a beautiful, hygienic room, free breakfast, and great reviews. The entire process from check in to checkout should be hassle-free. And having a user-friendly app will indeed serve the purpose.  

Bars and Restaurants  

All of us know local spots to enjoy an exciting night out during weekends or on our special day. What if your potential customers have to ditch their plan at the last moment or visit your competitor’s place because of an excessive crowd? This will surely affect your business, and they might not like to revisit your place. But by having a mobile app, you can allow your customers to book their seats beforehand. This does not dishearten them at the last moment, and if possible, they can choose a different time slot to enjoy their day. The added advantage is that they can see the menu online and even let you know the exact arrival time in uncertain situations. To spice up your customers’ dining experience, you can even provide games to keep their kids busy while they can enjoy their time at your stunning restro or bar.  

Moving on to the current scenario when social distancing is a matter of concern. Even here, a mobile app can play a vital role. Your customers can download the app with a unique user ID and place their order from their seat’s comfort. This will also help the server or the bartender know whose order is ready by finding the associated table number. Hence, everyone will be seated and enjoy exciting hours at your place.  

Events and Venues  

Now comes the turn of indoor and outdoor events and venues. Whether it is a folk festival or craft beer festival, they all have to face the pandemic’s consequences like delayed or canceled events or even had to reduce the capacity. But now, when things are getting in place, many of them are trying to reopen. Hence, they need to handle a plethora of customers looking forward to booking their seats. By having a mobile app, you can seamlessly schedule any event. You can even sell tickets for future events in advance. The best part is that you can customize the app as per your business requirement and make funds to keep the lights on.  

Family-Friendly Destinations and Theme Parks  

One of the best days most kids and adults experience is enjoying a great weekend by planning a theme park trip. Whether it is about visiting Disneyworld, Local parks, or any seasonal trips like skiing or water parks, the fun must go on. By having a mobile app, you can allow your customers book their tickets and ease their fun time. From reaching the destination to accessing the location map inside the park, a mobile app can guide them throughout the way. They can also get the opportunity to explore different areas, games, and food vendors. There are various ways to let your customers enjoy a great time at your theme park.  


The ideas mentioned above were the benefits the hospitality industry can make by using mobile applications. If your business belongs to the hospitality industry, you mustn’t ignore the benefits of developing a mobile app.  

Though times are tough, it is always better to innovate and keep up with the competition. If you are ready to develop a mobile, or improve the existing one, reach out to Panacea Infotech. We are a well-known software development company, having expertise in delivering customized mobile app as per clients’ requirements.  

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