Parking apps are a big exhale of relief for those who stay in cosmopolitan cities. Struggling to find a vacant place to park your vehicle is a day to day synopsis which doesn’t need to imagine. Parking lots are nothing, but it’s short of a web, which rapidly increases the number of cars in big cities only to add trouble. Therefore, finding a parking spot nearest to the elevator is like winning a lottery. Moreover, identifying where you parked your car is also one information which you need to hold in the back of your mind. Addressing this issue is the need for an hour because for some it could be an urgent business meeting or might be a medical emergency for others and so on.


Mobile App Development


Mobile app for parking is a big business where they process non-cash payments to help driver for finding and reserving the parking space. Integrating this feature is easy at time of

mobile application development

. It can also help to avoid parking tickets, clear direction with real-time information on traffic jams. So, there might be several reasons why parking app is highly in demand among the users.


Below are the given different types of parking apps which categorize them in several different ways:



Geographical coverage



This type of parking app mainly focuses on the specific metropolis to cover as many parking spaces as possible within the coverage area. For example, ParkRight is the app which works for London to provides a wide selection for on-street and off-street parking.



This type of app helps in several cities, where they also provide international services. For example: ParkNow Group. They offer their services in more than 1000 cities across the world.


Parking time


These types of apps mainly focus on different parking needs which are given below.


Parking in advance:

Here, the reservation app allows the user to pay in advance to reserve a place. that they intend long to park. For example, ParkMe will enable the user to park up to two weeks before they planned a business trip.


Parking on the fly:

It is mainly designed to find a space to park which is available on the spot. For example: SpotAngels. It helps to show current parking options for every block in a city.


Payment methods

• Most of the parking apps are free to download but require in-app payment for booking a parking space. It also provides numerous payments methods such as credit card, apple pay and PayPal.

• Some app allows the driver to pay for parking by their phone itself. PayByPhone and MKE par are the two examples.

• Some developed iOS and Android app like Parker enable their end user to filter parking options by their payment type. They also include payments by cash for the people who prefer to avoid cashless payments.

• There are apps like Parkopedia Parking which don’t let their user pay within the app.

These payment methods can get integrate in any app at the time of iOS and

android app development



How you provide accurate and timely information on parking options


As a rule, apps for parking only cover associated garages where they don’t provide information on all garages or street parking. However, there are some apps which give all of the information and even show spaces where it’s illegal to park and where free parking spaces available.


There are some apps which give a general description of parking spots, including photos of entrances, showing amenities informing about the reservation redemption, and availability of attendants, etc. They also help to tell; if a parking space requires self-parking or offers valet parking.


Additionally, these apps also inform end users about below points:

• Parking meter rates

• Time limits for meters and free parking

• Resident parking permit areas

• Time limits for non-residents

• Street cleaning days and times when parking costs more

How you achieve a wide range of parking choices:


Variety of parking option is also a matter of high priority, so below are the following methods to meet your user’s needs.


Partnership with parking providers-

Your partner will enjoy this partnership as this encourages parking providers to use the mobile attendant app where it has built-in QR scanner to scan parking passes and check in motorists.


Partnership with cities-

It is mainly beneficial for the cities as it is helping to improve urban infrastructure. Therefore, it assures a lower cost for handling payments and less traffic searching for parking. ParkNow also offers cities integrated parking ecosystem to control the moving vehicle. This platform’s parking service incorporate cashless apps, parking meters, and permits, etc. Henceforth, it provides pollution forecasts and enforcement data to manage traffic flows.


Encouraging individuals to share parking spaces:

They let people listing their space area while they are out. Scheduling tools help them to set their availability and monetize their underused parking spots.


So, for wrapping up the entire business model, revenue channel, market growth, and customer experience, are revolving around the parking

mobile app development

. Henceforth, now it’s time to join the bandwagon to help several cars to find a spot with a single tap on mobile.

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