Mobile apps for eCommerce stores are changing the market nowadays, which is also considered as a reliable way of gaining excellent profits. However, there are numerous

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who can help with mobile application development for meeting your business needs. Apart from developing an app for eCommerce business, they also help you to know about additional features. To be added for growing your brand image among customers because there is a great recognition of M-commerce in the today’s industry, but does anyone has an idea. What are the reasons which can make mobile apps in eCommerce a significant factor?


So let’s explore the numerous ways how mobile apps reshaping the eCommerce industry:


Customers prefer mobile app


In today’s fast-moving world one cannot neglect the advantage of mobile application over browsers because everyone uses a smartphone and this also makes it convenient for the customers to access online by downloading a specific mobile app. If a customer uses an app, they don’t have to remember login and lengthy URLs whenever they visit a store. Besides the speed of mobile app is also faster as compared to a browser, so this helps for giving better user experience as well as an overall pleasant experience. Along with that, ecommerce mobile app will also strengthen the credibility of retail business. According to the recent report from Statista, it also suggests that there is a huge rise in the number of users who choose to shop by using mobile, so that you can initiate mobile ecommerce app development if you don’t have one already.


Help for boosting the loyalty


Downloading a mobile app shows that the customer is interested in your enterprise, but when a person is visiting a website, then most of the people look for the business details but while downloading the app shows that their eagerness to buy products as they send notification, messages and offer. So, that the potential customers tend to spend more time on mobile as compared to online sites.


Reducing Response Rate


When people use web browser then they are usually concerned about how fast action will get completed, but when it comes for mobile application, then the response time will become much faster, and actions get completed way immediate than the web browsers, so this helps to makes customers happy as well as it can also increase brand credibility. Besides, users can also set their personal preference for making it easier for them to shop, with the options to comment being available, where the users can directly let the app owner know about their concerns so that the corrective action can be taken accordingly. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the time of improvement for making the response rate much higher.


Enhanced UX


Proper presentation of ecommerce business matters a lot as it helps users to understand about the business intent like how will you present your ecommerce business to potential customers, which can either lead to sales revenue. Apps give better navigation to design by using responsive features for user’s device screen size in mind because less distraction and great navigation help customers for focusing more on the products to offer more growth in sales. Besides, the display of products and services also help to increasing sales volume at an exponential rate as it helps the user to take all services for making a smart decision.


Increase in conversion rates


Enhanced UX, easy navigation and usability of

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for mobile app lead to the higher conversion rates as mobile apps play a vital role for increasing conversion rate which has been estimated to be higher than the desktop or with the web browsers. Ease of access to numerous options in ecommerce apps encouraging the user to stay for long on the mobile app for increasing the conversion rate. As per the recent survey from eMarketer, about 25% of iOS users and 20% of Android users open ecommerce mobile app once a day right after installing it, but number drops down to 3.2 and 3.3% respectively after a month, so if you want a high conversion rate, then you have to work on your mobile app engagement factors.


So, to sum up, the emergence of ecommerce has made doing business more convenient by enabling new market opportunities with the significant growth potential in revenues. As the evolution of the mobile apps in an ecommerce ecosystem has accelerated sales by using user-friendly approach, where user’s shop from apps, as they are highly accessible for using as well as time-saving. So, it is good to invest in

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for meeting the demand of the market, as it has a brand exposure to stand tall from the competitors. So, if you want to know more about how mobile apps are transforming the ecommerce industry, then contact us for knowing  about how mobile apps are transforming ecommerce industry as

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has vast experience in app development.


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