Magento is one of the most popular, dynamic open-source platforms that empower organizations to secure their online presence and become a leading brand in the respective domain. Worldwide e-commerce is the most trending industry because of the growing adoption of the online store by the local organization. Irrespective of geographic location, Magento has become the most demanding platform for e-commerce web development. In a very less time, Magento has become the most preferred platform and around 200,000 ecommerce stores use it.

There are numerous benefits that Magento offers to your business. Out of all the reasons to select

Magento development services

to build your ecommerce website, here is a list of a few features and advantages:


  • OpenSource Platform:

    Being an opensource platform, it offers many advantages to your ecommerce business. To make small changes or modification to the online store, developers do not require taking permission; instead, they can write/create their own modules and make changes to achieve the expected results. It gives an unparalleled level of flexibility that enables designers and developers to showcase their creativity that doesn’t available on other platforms which are not open source.


  • Magento Enterprise

    for Large Stores:

    The Magento Enterprise version comes with additional features required for large organizations. One of the major reasons that online wholesalers and retailers may select to enterprise edition is to exempt some of the administrative tasks and software update efforts. There are some other crucial enterprise level features available that are exclusively designed for these packages. Most of the large, multi-national online stores have compliance, security, or functionality requirements that need a more robust eCommerce platform.


You can hire

Magento development company

to build an effective online store to expand your business. Panacea is a

Magento website development

company where we have a proven record in understanding, planning, designing, executing, developing and launching technically challenging e-commerce stores using Magento 1 as well as Magento 2 application. Our skilled team of Magento certified professionals will work with your team to draft a complete project specification which can be further filtered into a sprint development cycle. We follow the latest Agile Development methodology for all our projects.


Have a look at the steps we follow for ecommerce website development at Panacea:

Kickoff Meeting:

Post the signing of an agreement between you and our company; we will start with a kickoff meeting to understand your expectations, and to ensure that we have all of the website access, resources, and knowledge available that we need to create a successful project.

Scope Review:

After the kickoff meeting, we will follow up with you regarding any changes in the scope of the project from the initial contract.


Content and Access Information:

At this stage of website development, we work with you to gather the major information from you which is required in later stages such as web page content, pricing, products, payment processor information, shipping information, etc.


Wireframe Layout:

We create a wireframe for all main pages of the website, including the home page, product landing page, category page, and a common content page.



Our team of designers will draft of flat, non-working design layout for review. You can suggest changes required; as at this point, making changes to design such as color schemes, font usage and images are easy to accomplish.



After defining the scope of the project, and designs has been approved by you; we kick start with the development part. Our technical programmers bring your imagination into reality.


Testing and Site Review:

Post development, our expert team of tester will thoroughly test your website. Our quality assurance process ensures that your online store or website is functioning properly so that your end users will not face any difficulty.


SEO Review:

Our digital marketing team will review your website for objects, including page titles, duplicate content, meta description, canonicalization, .htaccess errors, no-index/no-follow errors, 301 redirects and more to ensure your website meets all the standards set by search engines.


Training for Magento:

We want our client to understand their website; hence we train you to use your website. The training can be done either on the call or at our office premises.


Pushing Live:

We believe in customer satisfaction and we don’t push website live until and unless you approve the design and functionality. Once you approve, we move the site from the testing environment to the live one, and again perform the testing procedures to ensure the site does not face any issue and work properly.


Site Analysis and Statistics:

Once your online store or website has launched, we keep an eye on your website to understand how your potential customers are interacting with the website. With detailed analytical analysis, we determine which pages are performing well and which pages require modifications. We also determine what pages “bounce” site visitors off as well as what keywords generate the most of the sales.


Immediate/Ongoing Support:

We understand that technical assistance is important, especially in ecommerce and we provide ongoing support or immediate break/fix assistance related to your Magento website.


If you are looking to grow your business with Magento, we are here to assist you. Get in touch today!


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