Mobile App Failure: Reasons and how you can avoid it?

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01 Oct

Millions of apps are developed every year, and yet, less than 1% is successful. The failure of any app is far above and beyond a bug detected and rectified. In addition, there are common issues for an app to fail. It is not necessary to be aware of these issues that make your app impervious to failure. Instead, it can help you evaluate those things that can create possible hurdles in the success of an app.

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Top Reasons Why Apps Fail?


Numerous applications are available in the market these days, but not all of them are easy to use or bug-free. Various enterprises look for better guidance today as they want to know what challenges are involved in mobile app development. Well, if you are one among them, then you have come to the right place.


Let’s see some of the common reasons which will definitely help you in knowing app failures:


  • Inappropriate and insufficient market research:


Various app development areas require in-depth and proper analysis, which, in case of lacking, can lead to app failure in the long run. The best research is the initial thing that a developer must do is thinking on a few points before starting the development phase that:


  1. Is there a market available for the app or not?
  2. Is this app can solve customer’s problems?
  3. Who is in the same domain, i.e., competitors?
  4. Are there any other apps that perform similarly?
  5. Are your customers going to like it or not?


After getting the answers, you should go ahead with mobile app development. This can make you clear about what things can make the app successful. Do market research with the MVP and find customers who are interested in the products offered through the app. To avoid market failures, try using iterative development as a strategy.


  • In-sufficient marketing strategies:

It is very necessary to follow the proper marketing strategy as it helps your audience in knowing about your app. How people will come to know about your app as well as offered products until you don’t market it. The robust marketing strategies will bring more customers to the mobile app having exciting features.


We all know about the power of social media marketing, and its available tools like twitter, email, and Facebook. By creating a well-designed and attractive marketing strategy with the help of these tools, you will support your mobile app. Hence, in-sufficient and lacking in marketing strategies is another reason for app failures.


  • Same applications:


The sad but true reality is that there are many apps, which are the same as each other in the social media market. Of these, some apps become popular, while others remain unseen.


To ensure the success of your application, it is important to examine what your competitors are doing. With this, you can easily define the weakness and strengths of your competitors. Moreover, this information will help in creating unique suggestions and values, which will drive the force of sales through more app’s download.


  • Poor and outdated user interface:


Poor user interface means poor design. Nowadays, most apps get rejected by the end-users leading to app failure because of poor user experience. If an app performance is unsatisfying for the customers, they will make it uninstall in no time. If users aren’t able to perform basic tasks natively, it will be tough for you to sell your products. An application may provide a poor user interface for various reasons such as:


  1. App performance problem.
  2. The app doesn’t fit with a screen device.
  3. Bad UI.
  4. Tough features.
  5. Long load time of the app.


Users often do not have the patience for the application to load and perform an important function. The longer the user waits, the more he loses his patience. Users usually disappoint with the endless forms of registration, along with the app loading time. Apps having more time consumption get uninstalled very often. Hence, it is good to remember before deciding to make other features include that it can add a few more seconds to the app load time.


How can you avoid these failures?


Do Research:


If you are looking forward to the mobile application development and want to achieve success, it will be great if you can consider these reasons. No application would fail if you can instruct your developer to work out on the above points at the time of development. Ensure that you have put optimum efforts in the development process and better ideas to make an application. The concept which you will use would be different and unique rather than the same to your competitors.


Before app development, you can create a prototype as it will help in getting valuable user experience information and relevant data. It is essential to extend the functionality of the app to avoid app failure. Before launching the app, you have focused more on marketing and its promotion.


Thorough testing:


Constantly test and assure that your app will run smoothly under many adverse conditions. Furthermore, it is clear that apps may have to thrive in various adverse environments, such as:


  1. Multiple apps in background.
  2. Low battery
  3. Various network
  4. Low Memory
  5. High traffic
  6. Message and text interruptions


Testing is important for any app in this overall negative environment. Often the development team can abandon it, and the later proves to be fatal for any app. Moreover, usability, performance, functionality, and edge class of mobile application needs to be tested on certain intervals for ensuring smooth deployment and post-deployment user experience.


Performance of the app highly depends on factors right from competition to marketing budgets. But apart from these factors, poor process execution and poor research are the reasons for mobile app failure after launch. When we focus on market and targeted audience research, following platform-oriented practices as well as quality assurance testing can take your app from failure to success.


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