One of the most rapid progressing things in regards to information technology is the apps on your smartphones, which you use regularly. Nowadays, there isn’t a single thing for which an app has not been developed, whether you are a hungry introvert who wants to order food online or and so on. Nevertheless, in 2018 alone there has been as much as 205.4 billion app downloads worldwide, so an average mobile phone user spends 2 hours and 15 minutes for scrolling through mobile apps every day and keeping these statistics in mind, it is safe to say that the

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industry is booming as well as flourishing.


How safe are your mobile apps?


Mobile app builder often skips implementing mobile app security best practices during the mobile app development process. Therefore, they fail to create apps which can help them to protect business as well as their user data and as per the recent market survey, it has also found that one-half of all the organizations fail to include security for their mobile apps in their budgets.


Write a secure code


Here this is the step as code is the most insecure part of any mobile app, so you should pay extra attention while developing your app code as h3 as feasible. For example, freezing your code against the most common mobile app security hacks, can help you get benefited from some of the mobile security technique like Minification, Content controls, and OWASP methodology.

Be careful while using third-party libraries


Third-party libraries are common among the

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for building their code as they can make your application vulnerable for hackers due to the malicious code, so this often added by the creators for speeding up the process of mobile application development. Therefore, always use tried or tested third party libraries and components to avoid any app security loopholes, so it can help for never compromising with your mobile app security.


High level user Authentication


The two critical components of mobile app security are the authorization and authentication because even though a huge part of these two factors depends upon the end-users of your application. So, you as a developer need to encourage your users to be more alert about it even though your mobile app doesn’t include high sensitive information, but still you should take benefit of pioneer mobile app security technologies like JSON web tokens, OpenID connects protocol, and OAuth 2.0 to secure your mobile app.


Use Tamper Detection Techniques


Developer should use temper detection techniques for getting a warning, whenever someone is trying for altering their code or for adding any malicious code to your mobile app source code. So, there are numerous anti-detection techniques like installer identification, performing environment checks, app signature verification at runtime to get alerts about mobile app security defects.


Platform-Specific Limitations


Every platform has its very own definite limitation which can easily influence the security of your mobile app, so should keep this in mind while developing multiple mobile operating systems because the fact is that the majority of iOS, as well as Android devices, can easily get hacked by their hardware vulnerability or by the operating system, so first you should understand the platform for mobile app security limitations and then start coding subsequently.


Testing your app


It is utmost important to follow all the methods for app testing, so all the code will be tested for insecurities which can be corrected before your app is ready for lunching on an app store. So, some of the relevant testing you can follow is automated testing, regression testing, and exploratory testing and don’t forget to prepare a timeline which can show a dedicated time which you are giving to test your application.


So, in a nutshell above given tips and tricks can give numerous benefits while considering your phone data security an important factor, so you can schedule a regular review of best practices of app security to create as well as maintain a security-aware culture to help you for providing your

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to enjoy the benefits of a mobile solution.


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