Dialog Health Offers Two-Way Texting to the Telehealth Sector

FRANKLIN, Tenn., April 3, 2020 — Dialog Health, a two-way texting platform that enables information to be pushed to and pulled from patients, caregivers and healthcare facility staff, announces it is expanding support for organizations interested in leveraging text messaging to expand their telehealth programs.

“Text messaging should be part of any telehealth program,” said Brandon Daniell, president and co-founder of Dialog Health. “It is the most effective way to communicate with a majority of patients and encourage them to take advantage of available telehealth services. The telephone is a ubiquitous telehealth tool at a time when telehealth is fast becoming crucial. A text can turn the mobile phone into a powerful telehealth tool.”

As a result of social distancing and rules limiting face-to-face interactions during the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth has taken on greater importance in the delivery of care. Furthermore, some federal privacy regulations have been relaxed and payment policies broadened to encourage increasing access to telehealth services. Healthcare providers nationwide can now deliver a range of billable services via telehealth, including the Medicare annual wellness visit, virtual home health visits, post-discharge follow-up appointments, and initial patient assessments.

“But as practices and other facility types are finding, there are technical, accessibility and engagement challenges that often accompany the launching of telehealth services,” Daniell says. “To address these challenges, organizations can turn to text messaging.”

Texting is advantageous for numerous reasons. Two way-texting platforms are SaaS products only requiring internet access, so facilities do not need to invest and set up new hardware. Nearly all consumers own mobile phones. Most mobile phones can access the internet and include a camera, and all can receive text messages. There is little to no learning curve for patients as most know how to text, and most have used videotelephony programs (FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Messenger). There is no need for someone to have wi-fi, a computer, speakers, or be at home to access telehealth services through their mobile phone.

Organizations can send text messages that include hyperlinks to initiate telehealth consultations (see Image #1). A texting system like Dialog Health informs a provider when a patient receives the text. Once the link is selected, a web browser or app will automatically open and the camera on the phone should activate.

As demand for telehealth services has surged, Dialog Health has received numerous requests from organizations interested in pairing text messaging with telehealth programs. To meet these needs, Dialog Health has expanded its customer service and support team to assist with setup, messaging and inserting links.

One such organization that has partnered with Dialog Health to strengthen its telehealth program is Medalliance Medical Health Services, a federally qualified health center in Bronx, N.Y. “Dialog Health has helped us stay connected with our patients and keep them informed during this critical time,” says David Alejandro, marketing and community relations director. “We send daily links via text that direct patients to our telehealth platform. Patients can then receive follow-up care and answers to their pressing questions in real time. The ability to text with patients has made delivering care much easier.”

“Facilities are looking for ways to help ensure high quality of care during these challenging times,” Daniell says. “Telehealth and texting are solutions that organizations should strongly consider.”

As the COVID-19 outbroke across the world, the health care industry has been hit hard as the number of cases continues to spur. The doctors and nurses have been busy looking after the regular patients, and hence, no care is given to them. Therefore, it can be imperative for leading software companies to come up with technologies that could bridge the gap between patients and doctors. Acting upon the same will, Dialog Health, developed a more accessible software program that would strengthen the communication. Likewise, Panacea Infotech is an expert in providing telemedicine and healthcare apps, that will help people to access the services online using on-demand apps. Collaborate with us to develop on-demand solutions in these critical times.

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Zocdoc Introduces Telehealth Appointments to Meet Patients Demand

NEW YORK: Amid the ongoing spread of COVID-19, Zocdoc is helping alleviate the strain on the healthcare system by building a critical mass of new telehealth appointments. For the first time, the company is enabling its nationwide network of participating providers to offer virtual appointments through its platform. In one week, Zocdoc has already added more than 350,000 Video Visit appointments to its marketplace. Now, patients can find and schedule virtual appointments with providers across 50 specialties — whether for COVID-19 or routine healthcare needs.


An average of three million in-person doctor visits took place every day across America prior to COVID-19. These visits cannot be put on hold during the pandemic, as delaying care leads to worse health outcomes, a higher burden on emergency rooms, and increased community spread. At the same time, as patients shelter at home and are limited from accessing in-person care, existing telehealth services have quickly become strained, reporting hours-long virtual wait times and patient queues lasting up to several days.


There is an urgent need to add new virtual care capacity to support the rising demand. Zocdoc is quickly unlocking this new virtual supply of care by helping its participating providers — across private practices and health systems alike — offer Video Visits through its marketplace for the first time. Zocdoc has also integrated third-party telehealth services to help patients find on-demand or scheduled care in one place. These integrations include PlushCare, as well as partnerships with NewYork-Presbyterian and Houston Methodist, powered by Amwell.


“Surfacing America’s hidden supply of care has always been at Zocdoc’s core, and now we’re helping patients find and book with providers who are keeping their digital doors open,” said Oliver Kharraz, M.D., Zocdoc founder and CEO. “These telehealth capabilities have always been on our roadmap, but we’ve dramatically accelerated these efforts to support patients and providers amid COVID-19. As a neutral marketplace, Zocdoc is uniquely positioned to integrate the nation’s virtual care capacity and make it discoverable and bookable for patients all in one place.”


Patients can find and schedule Video Visits on Zocdoc in the same way they schedule in-person appointments. Video Visits are marked with a purple video icon, and the company has launched a Video Visit filter that shows providers with virtual availability in search results. Patients are already scheduling these virtual appointments via Zocdoc. After one week, more than 20% of Zocdoc’s total bookings are for Video Visits, and roughly 30% of Video Visit bookers are first-time Zocdoc users. Patients have already booked +350 different visit reasons such as anxiety, allergies, dental emergencies, ear infection and stomach pain. Roughly 20% of Video Visit bookings are for COVID-19 related reasons, while 80% are for routine care.


With the surging patient demand for telehealth, this new service is helping doctors maintain continuity of care with their patients and keep their doors open for business as in-person appointments decrease.


“Zocdoc’s Video Visits are an incredibly powerful new service that has enabled me to keep the lights on at my local psychotherapy practice and stay closely connected to nearly all of my existing clients as we’re all battling more stress and uncertainty than ever before,” said Mary Hotze, LMFT, owner of Chicago Lakeshore Psychotherapy.


“Last week we were forced to close our office, and all of the doctors were suddenly at home all day. We scrambled to find a new way to let patients know that we’re still here for them remotely. It’s great to be able to offer Video Visits on Zocdoc so patients can get the care they need even while we’re all under strict orders to self-isolate,” said Dr. Tom Ronay, MD, Medical Director at Circle Medical – a UCSF Health Affiliate.


“Looking beyond the current public health crisis, I believe these new modes of care are here to stay,” Kharraz adds. “Zocdoc is planning to support the sustained adoption among providers and persisting demand from patients, both in the days and years ahead.”


Zocdoc is the tech company at the beginning of a better healthcare experience. Each month, millions of patients use Zocdoc.com or our iOS and Android apps to find in-network neighborhood doctors, instantly book appointments online, see what other real patients have to say, get reminders for upcoming appointments and preventive checkups, fill out their paperwork online, and more.


With better technological connectivity, organizations like Zocdoc are using tech-driven ways to fight with the COVID-19 pandemic. We, at Panacea Infotech offers an on-demand telemedicine app that helps our client’s to provide a virtual diagnosis to their patients in this tough time when the corona outbreak is at its peak.


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First U.S. Mobile-Fundraising Platform Now Free to Nonprofits

EL DORADO HILLS, Calif., April 2, 2020 — ZOOMGIVE is proud to announce it will gift its entire premium mobile-giving platform – normally costing $700 per yearly subscription – to churches and nonprofits in crisis during the Coronavirus pandemic until January 2021.

ZOOMGIVE, a turnkey mobile-giving platform, wants to be a part of the solution to help thousands of nonprofits stay afloat as COVID-19 continues to rapidly spread. ZOOMGIVE will provide all verified 501(c)(3) U.S. organizations who sign up at https://signupzoomgive.com/premium/ the ability to create unlimited mobile campaigns using their fundraising platform until January 2021.  ZOOMGIVE’s secure platform includes top mobile fundraising tools including the latest technology in text-to-give, QR code scanning “Scan-to-Give,” and ongoing donor communication feature, Text-to-Engage.

“Nonprofits across our country are facing the threat of closing during the Coronavirus pandemic if they cannot get the funding necessary to survive,” said ZOOMGIVE’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tricia Roseveare. “ZOOMGIVE is aware many nonprofits are not in the position to purchase mobile-giving at this turbulent time, which is why we felt prompted to go all-in by forgoing all platform subscription fees to new and existing clients until January 2021.”

ZOOMGIVE’S proprietary Text-to-Give, Scan-to-Give and Text-to-Engage features are powerful tools for nonprofits in crisis, seeking to regularly communicate with donors and securely raise more funds as fast as possible. ZOOMGIVE’s Scan-to-Give product also allows supporters to donate by scanning a QR code directly from their mobile devices, perfect for today’s new reality of Livestream fundraising events and online church gatherings.

During the time of crisis, the key stakeholders must come forward to help the ones in need and show that they are not just about profit and loss. The leading brands need to take the initiative as the medium and small-scale sized companies look up to them for inspiration. ZOOMGIVE is one of the leading brands that has come forward to offer a fundraising platform for the churches during the Coronavirus pandemic. Operating on similar grounds is Panacea Infotech, which is doing exceptionally well in providing on-demand solutions to the people to access services using on-demand apps. We develop on-demand web and mobile-based solutions for fundraising and crowdsourcing for NPOs. Contact us to build technology in tough times.

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A.T.L.A.S available at iOS and Google Play Store

DALLAS:  At last, A.T.L.A.S. is here. Isabel Lopez teamed up with The Appineers—a leading mobile app design and development agency, established in 2017 and located in Atlanta, Georgia—to create Avoid the Lines at Security, also known as A.T.L.A.S.


Lopez’s vision for A.T.L.A.S. is to enhance the airport experience through crowd sourced information about the gates with the fastest security lines, parking info, closest restaurants and coffee, and anything else particular to the airport the traveler is checked in to!  It’s crowd sourced airport navigation information that allows travelers to communicate with other travelers at the same airport.


“Even when I arrived early, I still missed flights due to lines,” said Lopez, “but an app cuts out any and all of the guesswork.”


Introducing A.T.L.A.S. – an app that allows users to better optimize their time at airports by showing information in real time on the shortest security and restaurant lines, helping travelers make it from Point A to Point B with no hiccups.


The app appeals include the following user-friendly features:


Explore different restaurants and shops in the airport to make layovers more bearable.

Add posts to make the app more accurate by letting it know what conditions are like in different lines throughout the airport.

View line length estimates, photos, and any other pertinent information for locations throughout the airport.

Airport-specific feeds allowing you to view other users’ posts at that airport.

Navigate new airports with ease with easy-to-access maps.


“Being able to check if the gates around me were moving faster than the one I was at helped me jump to the next security gate.  I would have missed my flight otherwise! “I.Russey


“I was new to the DFW Airport, being able to see the Airport layout really helped me!  I had never used the Tran before and seeing which terminal I had connecting flight to minimize my stress!” P.T.


Transformation in technology has made the life easier for people no matter even if they are travelling through flight. There are apps available online which helps in avoiding chaos at airport security. Panacea Infotech, a leading mobile app development company offers best in class mobile apps that helps clients in offering advance level of service to the clients.


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Kahoot! Rolls Out Learn-To-Read App Poio

AUSTIN, Texas – Kahoot!, the game-based learning platform, today announced the U.S. launch of learn-to-read app Poio. Both Poio and educational math studio DragonBox were acquired by Kahoot! in 2019 and are part of Kahoot!’s unified brand of products that makes learning at home awesome and fun for millions of kids worldwide.

Today more than ever, with schools moving to virtual learning due to the growing threat of COVID-19, e-learning resources have steadily increased in demand, projected to triple in market value from $107 billion in 2015 to $325 billion in 2025 (Research and Markets, 2018). Parents are also becoming more involved with their children’s at-home education, with more than 55 million students now learning from home due to school closures as a result of COVID-19 (Education Week, 2020). Poio joins DragonBox as a powerful e-learning offering from Kahoot! with games that naturally engage kids in learning without them noticing.

Poio by Kahoot!, for ages three to eight, is an immersive learn-to-read adventure game designed to allow children to learn through their own exploration, triggering their curiosity and motivation to practice spelling and phonetics without the need for support. The story-based game adapts to each child’s skill level so all children can enjoy learning the fundamentals of reading at their own pace. At the end of their Poio exploration – which takes on a magical universe inhabited by an eponymous troll – kids can order a hard copy of their digitally created story as a trophy for their accomplishments.

“With the recent surge of remote learning and educational gaming tools at home, we are proud to now offer Poio in the U.S. alongside DragonBox and Kahoot! for children and their parents to learn at home,” said Eilert Hanoa, CEO, Kahoot! “At Kahoot!, our mission is to make learning awesome for users of all ages through unique, gamified offerings and embracing technology as an advantage for education. Poio and DragonBox are an essential part of our family of apps for children that allows us to realize this vision.”

Poio is available now in the U.S. to download for $4.99 and is already being used by more than 100,000 parents in Europe to help their children crack the reading code. Adapting to each child’s level of skill, the game provides parents with frequent email reports on their child’s progress and achievements.

In the wake of global pandemic, tech players are more inclined towards e-learning and education apps to keep kids engaged. Panacea Infotech with decade long experience in app development can IT services can serve global education institutes with their own e-learning app and platform in short time span.

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D’amore Healthcare Announced Virtual Care Amid Lockdown

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Mental health issues thrive in an environment of isolation. As millions of Americans quarantine themselves in their homes, many people are experiencing anxiety and depression. Loneliness is a breeding ground for feelings of despair and hopelessness. Being separated from your community of friends and coworkers is enough to cause anyone to feel blue. But a person who is predisposed to depression or who has a preexisting mental health condition may be especially impacted by current circumstances.

D’Amore Healthcare is a Mental Health Treatment Center in Huntington Beach, California, that has adopted a variety of virtual networking tools to allow them to continue to care for their patients in these uncertain times. Patients in their residential treatment program often look forward to Family Saturday. In the past, patients would get the opportunity to visit with family members and enjoy a meal with their loved ones. However, due to concerns regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus, this fun diversion is no longer viable. D’Amore has adapted to the circumstances by setting up Zoom meetings to host virtual family get-togethers and crucial family therapy sessions. They also offer families the opportunity to buy meals for their loved ones with Post Mates deliveries from local restaurants.

When it comes to mental health treatment, the real test comes once residential treatment ends. Returning to the real world can be a dangerous time. Old, destructive habits can come crashing back once a person is once again subject to everyday stressors and potential triggers. Aftercare is one of the most important aspects of long-term recovery from a mental health disorder or substance use disorder.

D’Amore Healthcare has adopted a social networking app to help its patients navigate the world once they leave the safety of their treatment center. Using the HIPPA-compliant, mobile application “Caredfor” allows D’Amore to support its Alumni when gathering in person is impossible. Using the app, D’Amore can host virtual support groups that enable alumni to share their experiences and help each other through tough times. D’Amore also uses the app to set up remote meetings between Alumni and their therapists.

By creating a virtual location for their community to gather, D’Amore continues to support their patients during the quarantine. Using the app, they can share literature and videos with their patients, celebrate important milestones, and encourage them to develop healthy habits for a happy life.

As leading healthcare giants strategize their operations by making an online presence, telemedicine apps are turning out to be the most effective way to treat the people in quarantine and remote health monitoring to curb the spread.

Panacea Infotech is enabling healthcare service providers with a convenient and tech-driven solutions that ensures most-effective way of handling patients demand health care web and mobile based solutions.

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Chipotle Thanks Healthcare Heroes by offering Free Delivery

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.: Chipotle Mexican Grill, today announced it is thanking healthcare heroes with free burrito boxes for healthcare facilities to celebrate April 2’s National Burrito Day. Registration is open now through April 2 for workers to register their office or hospital division to receive up to 50 free burritos during World Health Worker Week. Chipotle, alongside its fulfillment partner DoorDash, will give away a total of up to 50,000 burritos to the brave individuals helping others on the frontline from April 6 – 10.


“We want to express our extreme gratitude by fueling the frontline workers at healthcare facilities across the country with real food,” said Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer. “It is our goal to bring joy and provide a little something extra for both the medical staff and our everyday guests.”


Additionally, Chipotle will continue to offer free delivery on any Chipotle order $10 or more via the Chipotle app and Chipotle.com through April 30 to increase access to real food for customers nationwide. On National Burrito Day, fans ordering digitally via the Chipotle app or Chipotle.com will receive free Queso Blanco when it is added to an entrée. Chipotle’s Delivery Kitchens, which are comprised of dedicated ingredient stations operated by special teams, will continue to prepare digital orders with care. Chipotle is taking additional precautions to help ensure customer safety during this time including: a tamper evident packaging seal for delivery orders, in-app delivery tracker providing step-by-step real-time updates as your food travels to your location, and a place for special instructions so guests can request a contactless delivery when ordering digitally.


During the digital ordering process, guests can sign up for Chipotle Rewards so they can earn 10 points for every $1 spent in the restaurant, online, or in the app, with 1,250 points resulting in a free entrée. Bonuses, like extra point days, help Chipotle Rewards members earn points more quickly so real food becomes real free real fast.


Free Burritos by the Box for healthcare facilities is valid for a free preconfigured Burritos by the Box order of 25 or 50 burritos, when delivered 4/6/20-4/10/20. Orders must be for delivery within an available U.S. delivery area and within 15 miles of a participating U.S. Chipotle restaurant to a hospital or other medical facility, subject to verification by Chipotle. Limit one order per facility. Orders may not be customized. Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. Delivery dates and times are approximate and not guaranteed. Orders are subject to availability. Completed request form must be submitted by 8:59pm PT on 4/2/20. Void where prohibited. Additional restrictions may apply.


Free delivery offer valid only for orders placed and fulfilled on 4/1/20-4/30/20 only, within Chipotle’s delivery areas within the U.S. from participating U.S. Chipotle locations, during normal operating hours for such locations. Minimum order $10/maximum order $200, each excluding tax. Deliveries subject to availability. Free queso offer is valid for one regular side of queso in any U.S. digital order of $10 or more, excluding tax, on 4/2/20 only, and is subject to availability. Offers are not valid on catering or Burritos by the Box orders other than for the healthcare heroes promotion described above. Redemptions of Chipotle Rewards and other promotional offers may be included in a qualifying delivery or digital order but do not count towards satisfaction of minimum purchase requirements. Valid only at chipotle.com or on the Chipotle app; not valid on orders placed via third-party delivery platforms. Chipotle reserves the right to modify or terminate these offers at any time without notice. Additional restrictions may apply; void where prohibited.


Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.  is cultivating a better world by serving responsibly sourced, classically-cooked, real food with wholesome ingredients without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Chipotle had over 2,600 restaurants as of December 31, 2019, in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany and is the only restaurant company of its size that owns and operates all its restaurants. With more than 83,000 employees passionate about providing a great guest experience, Chipotle is a longtime leader and innovator in the food industry. Well, on demand food delivery web and mobile based solutions are the need of an hour as COVID-19 pandemic is on its peak. Keeping all these situation in consideration, Panacea Infotech is offering readymade ondemand grocery delivery app that are helping our clients to offer grocery on demand in such tough phase.


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One Medical Introduces New Virtual Care and COVID-19 Testing Services

SAN FRANCISCO, April 01, 2020 — One Medical (Nasdaq: ONEM) announced today the expansion of its virtual care offerings with Remote Visits, scheduled video appointments with a primary care provider, and Mindset by One Medical, a virtual therapy and coaching program to support behavioral health. As the need for access to digital health along with in-person testing grows in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, One Medical’s modernized, membership-based primary care platform, which combines 24/7 seamless digital health and inviting in-office care, is demonstrating high impact and scalability. One Medical’s model allows the company to triage patients remotely, test for COVID-19 physically, and follow-up on care plans and test results digitally.

Nearly a quarter of a million members sought care digitally in the weeks that followed initial community spread cases of the virus in the United States. With the rise of COVID-19, One Medical quickly mobilized to support member access to digital COVID-19 screening and virtual video chats, develop algorithmically-driven provider follow-up, and begin COVID-19 specimen collection at specified One Medical offices and outdoor locations in cities across the nation.

As public officials promote social distancing and sheltering-in-place practices to slow the spread of COVID-19, One Medical’s new services further extend the value One Medical can deliver to its members and employer clients. New services include:

  • Remote Visits: Members can now schedule video appointments with their primary care providers — supporting continuity of care without having to leave home. Just like regular office visits, Remote Visits can be used to support complex or chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, to investigate and diagnose new symptoms, and to address ongoing issues in behavioral health, reproductive health, preventive medicine and more. Remote Visits are easily scheduled through the One Medical web or mobile app, and are billed as regular in-office visits.
  • Mindset by One Medical: A suite of services and programs designed to help address behavioral health needs that employers have been struggling to meet. This virtual-first program combines coaching, group sessions, and therapy–all within the exceptional One Medical primary-care-driven experience.
  • Designated Respiratory Care Clinics: For members with timely health needs that require in-office care, One Medical has designated offices in each city as respiratory care facilities, further separating patients who are symptomatic of upper respiratory infections (URI) from those who are seeking care for non-URI concerns. Along with other office-based and virtual care offerings, these designated respiratory care clinics prevent unnecessary trips to emergency rooms and hospitals, supporting the broader healthcare ecosystem.
  • COVID-19 Testing Services: Safe and efficient testing services in markets across the country, leveraging the One Medical mobile app for remote COVID-19 screening and assessment, scheduling appropriate members for either in-office or drive-through testing services, and secure communication of testing results and follow-up plans. Specimen collection services at One Medical testing locations are performed by One Medical’s own experienced and caring clinicians.

“During these extraordinary times, our extraordinary people and model are delivering for our members and employer clients premier digital screening and virtual health solutions, as well as compassionate in-person testing and care services,” said One Medical Chair & CEO, Amir Dan Rubin. “We believe One Medical’s combination of seamless digital health along with in-office care and testing services will play an important role in helping employers and teams get back to work,” noted Rubin.


One Medical is also offering essential workers complimentary access to its platform for COVID-19 screening and testing services, when clinically appropriate. One Medical has conducted specimen collection in all of its current physical markets and plans to expand testing services to its newest market, Portland, Oregon, which opened last week.

In an effort to support broader public health initiatives, One Medical reports all COVID-19 positive test results to local departments of public health. In March, One Medical’s positive test results average 14% nationally, with the following percentages by region:

  • New York: 30.9%
  • Los Angeles: 21.1%
  • Washington D.C.: 13.7%
  • Seattle: 13.0%
  • Chicago: 10.3%
  • San Francisco: 7.8%
  • San Diego: 7.7%
  • Phoenix: 3.4%

“All of us at One Medical feel especially honored to be serving hundreds of thousands of people in this challenging time,” said Chief Medical Officer, Andrew Diamond. “We’re actively evaluating even more ways to deliver care, both virtually and in-person, through new testing and treatment modalities in accordance with the latest clinical evidence and regulatory approvals. With the advent of rapid COVID-19 viral detection, antibody testing, and eventually new pharmacotherapies and vaccines, One Medical is well-positioned to help us all get back to work, back to normalcy, and most importantly, back to our collective health and wellbeing as a nation.”

As the COVID-19 outbroke across the world, the need for digital health along with in-person testing grew. Therefore, companies, like One Medical have announced to launch virtual care offerings with Remote Visits. On similar grounds, Panacea Infotech is providing on-demand solutions that will help people to access the services online using on-demand apps. Collaborate with us to develop an on-demand solutions in these critical times.

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Regalix Nytro Launches TRAINER for Integrated Sales Enablement Solution

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 31, 2020– Regalix, an award-winning technology and services company, today announced the launch of their Nytro Trainer app. The Nytro Trainer app allows companies to virtually onboard, train and coach sales teams remotely and at scale with powerful software and a modern UX.  With the addition of the Trainer app, Nytro has a completely integrated sales enablement platform that delivers sales excellence and sales readiness for startups, mid-market companies and F500 enterprises.

The Nytro Trainer app includes a host of enterprise-grade remote coaching capabilities including:

  • Role-Based Virtual Onboarding – The ability to onboard sales reps remotely and at scale, enabling them with the right sales readiness content so they can start selling to buyers across the various stages of the funnel.
  • AI-Powered Training – Sales leaders can create customized quiz + assessment journeys, powered by artificial intelligence that recommends guided selling paths that prepare SDRs, BDRs, AEs and Field Reps with superior selling capabilities.
  • Pitch Master – Sales teams can practice, perfect and record their demos and pitches for quick evaluation, powered by artificial intelligence, that provides insights into which reps are ready to sell and which require more practice to master the perfect pitch.
  • Continuous-Coaching – The Nytro Trainer app allows you to create PinBoards, which informs the reps on the latest and greatest sales tips, plays, industry news and best practices, keeping them on top of their game to constantly improve their sales skills in an ever-changing market.

During these challenging times with the COVID-19 situation, companies are trying to quickly figure out how to effectively train sales reps remotely and keep them engaged and productive,” said Vikas Sharan, CEO at Regalix.  “With the launch of the Nytro Trainer app, companies large and small can quickly adapt and shift their sales strategy leveraging our AI-powered platform to connect, enable, train and coach sales reps that are working from home anywhere in the world, giving them the selling skills and knowledge to close deals faster. Innovation is at the core of what we do at Regalix and we will continue to provide superior products to our customers today and in the future to give them the strategic edge to win an ever-competitive market.”

In addition, the Nytro Sales Enablement Platform allows marketing teams to easily share interactive content with sales teams and empowers sales enablement leaders to create bite-sized content chapters, journeys, playlists and more.  With a powerful content analytics engine, administrators can get actionable insights into which content is working and which content needs to be revised or expired.

Regalix Nytro was recently awarded the 2020 Stevie Gold Award for Best New Sales Enablement Solution.

The world is in grip of COVI-19 for quite sometime now. Due to the rising pandemic cases across the globe, many countries have asked the private sectors to provide “work from home” facility. Staying at home sometimes create problem for the employers, especially if the job requires training. To solve these challenges, Regalix has launched Nytro Trainer app allowing companies virtually onboard, train and coach sales teams remotely and at scale with powerful software. Working on the similar grounds is Panacea Infotech, that offers on-demand services to the people to access services using on-demand apps. Contact us to develop the technology in your rough days.

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BenchPrep Launches Quick Start Program during COVID-19 Pandemic

CHICAGO, March 31, 2020  — BenchPrep, the provider of the configurable cloud-based learning platform for corporations, training organizations and nonprofits, today announced that it has launched a Quick Start Program (“QSP”) that is designed specifically for education and training organizations that rely on the delivery of in-person training services.

The Company’s award-winning, cloud-based learning platform now offers an immediate alternative for any organization’s in-person training program

BenchPrep’s award-winning online learning platform has been helping education and training organizations move into the digital world by increasing learner engagement, improving outcomes, and driving additional revenue for the last 10 years.  Now with its QSP offering, BenchPrep will cater directly to businesses that are experiencing interruptions with in-person training delivery and testing services by helping them pivot to modernized online learning programs. QSP will equip these organizations to maneuver around COVID-19 restrictions with a digital-first model that can be quickly onboarded, has simple contracting, and straightforward pricing.

“We are in an unprecedented time and need to rethink how learning businesses can best operate,” said Ashish Rangnekar, CEO of BenchPrep. “Many organizations in the learning and training space must suddenly have their learning programs fully operationalized online, and that’s where BenchPrep’s QSP is here to help. We’re excited businesses will be able to sustain their current learning needs in this new climate with QSP, while also providing additional opportunities for them to expand their programs with online capabilities moving forward.”

BenchPrep has reinvented the world of learning management systems with a modern approach. The platform focuses on high-stakes, high-impact learning experiences and delivers personalized learner engagement, integrated learning content management, and robust administration tools. QSP will offer a scaled-down version of BenchPrep’s platform, simplified implementation with support and consultation, and accommodating contracting terms.

Most recently, BenchPrep has been helping C2 Education begin to deliver assessments digitally and also partnered with CompTIA to provide free 30-day licenses for the CertMaster Learn eLearning course for CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+).

It is appreciable to witness how brands and companies are launching digital-first solutions to help businesses to cater consumers as they are forced to stay locked. This will give a boost to on-demand economy. Panacea Infotech is a leading provider of on-demand solutions.

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