1-800 Notify Helps Epic Customers Achieve Significant Benefits

MIAMI, June 2, 2020– 1-800 Notify has developed an innovative Hybrid IVR Autopay by Phone system that is now available in the Epic App Orchard. The IVR Autopay by Phone system allows patients to securely review and pay their patient balances 24/7 using a credit card or e-check — all without taking up valuable staff time. Building on implementations of Epic’s Web Services across a wide variety of customers, 1-800 Notify has devised innovative methods to help customers overcome some limitations of the Epic Web Services.  The Hybrid IVR allows every Epic customer, including those with pediatric patient populations, to successfully support 100% of their patients with the self-service IVR.

Key features of 1-800 Notify’s Hybrid IVR Autopay by Phone:

The primary goal of a successful IVR system is to allow patient self-service payments while minimizing the need to talk with a representative. 1-800 Notify has learned that using Epic Web Services alone has certain limitations when working with account balances generated by pediatric patients (called “Pediatric Accounts”). In some healthcare systems, this can be 25% or more of all guarantors and can only be supported by 1-800 Notify’s Hybrid IVR solution.

Before 1-800 Notify implemented our Hybrid IVR, we regularly saw almost 25% of callers fail to authenticate due to the ‘pediatric account’ issue, frustrating our patients and taking up valuable staff time. Now, with the 1-800 Notify Hybrid IVR, we are seeing all those problems go away and our overall payment rate is 40% higher than before,” says Joseph Zheng, Assistant Director, Patient Financial Services at UCSF Health, San Francisco, CA. Mr. Zheng continues: “From a cost/benefit standpoint, the IVR is now handling about 1.5 FTEs worth of calls at a fraction the cost of having a person take those same calls.”

The advancement of technology has brought us to a stage where people can now patients to securely review and pay their patient balances 24/7 using a credit card or e-check through an app. Likewise, we at Panacea Infotech, a leading app development company in the USA, is doing an incredible job in providing on-demand apps to clients. Collaborate with us to develop on-demand solutions.

Source- PR Newswire