2019 GGAI Golden Globe Awards – Eyesight Technologies Won “Outstanding Driver Monitoring System Award”

TEL AVIV, Israel, Dec. 30, 2019 – Eyesight Technologies, a leading provider of computer vision AI solutions for the in-car automotive industry, today announced that the company was awarded first place at the 2019 China GGAI Golden Globe Awards. The company won the top prize for the “Outstanding Driver Monitoring System (DMS)” category with more than 120,000 voters participating in the selection process.


The GGAI Golden Globe Award recognizes leading companies who have made outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of intelligent network commercialization in the Chinese market. It is awarded based on a number of factors such as product reputation, market share in respective fields, and OEM-oriented research results. GGAI firmly believes that 2020 will be the turning point of China’s intelligent connected car industry chain, whether it is policy promotion, technology implementation, product mass production, and intelligent network penetration will enter a new stage.


“We are excited and extremely honored to be recognized as the top solution in the driver monitoring solutions category,” said David Tolub CEO of Eyesight Technologies. “We look forward to continuing to innovate and provide the Chinese market, and global markets at large, with cutting edge technology to improve the safety of the roads and save lives around the world.”


Eyesight Technologies’ top finish at the GGAI Awards adds to its many accomplishments over the past year, including numerous design wins with leading Tier 1s and OEMs in top markets such as the US, China, and Europe.


Eyesight Technologies is a leader in creating intelligent sensing solutions that use computer vision and AI for safer and better driving experiences. The company focuses on the automotive in-cabin environment, offering Driver Sense – driver monitoring system, Cabin Sense – occupancy monitoring systems and Fleet Sense – a driver monitoring aftermarket solution for fleets. Over a decade of research and development stand behind the company’s market-leading computer vision technology, with 30 patents and many more pending. Eyesight Technologies is constantly pushing the boundaries of what intelligent sensing solutions can see and accomplish – to make driving a better and safer experience.


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