230 Fifth Launches Social Distancing App to Engage in Bars & Restaurants

NEW YORK, July 2, 2020– As single New Yorkers are beginning to leave their high-rise Manhattan apartments to rejoin society, one thing has become very clear: the dating scene is going to have to become reimagined.  Social distancing guidelines have created a new way of life, and unfortunately they did not take the trials and tribulations of being a single individual into account.  Luckily, one New York City bar has done just that.

Thinking entirely outside of the box 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar has created a new on premises chat app, introducing the social distance friendly platform “ApproachNow”.  The in-house program will be exclusively used for clientele who are on the grounds of the establishment, encouraging a virtual approach to the always nerve-racking first interaction.  The platform will allow guests to communicate with each other through a public chat forum for all guests on the premises, or turn their dialogue into a more intimate one-on-one conversation.  The app will encourage meeting new friends and companions while maintaining a socially responsible distance throughout the venues 30,000 square footage.

Guests of the New York City hot spot who want to participate with the platform will be given a code as they enter, which changes daily.  The app will be available to download via Apple iOS (Android Marketplace coming soon) and upon creating a username and password guests will be able to quickly and easily build their profile and upload an image of themselves.

The platform is available to be incorporated in bars and restaurants around the city and country for free.

Technology never fails to surprise people. Just when we thought social distancing guidelines would create disbalance in the society, the bar came up with an app that reimagines the dating scene. When there is a will, there is a way, and now, 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar has created a new on-premises chat app, introducing the social distance friendly platform “ApproachNow.” Likewise, Panacea Infotech is one of the leading IT development and service provider functioning with an agile approach to building profitable businesses through an app and web development. It offers a vast range of on-demand app development by using advanced technology and experienced team to deliver best-in-class mobility solutions.

Source- PR Newswire