Accenture Assists Navantia in Design, Development and Implementation of Advanced Technologies to Improve Shipbuilding

MADRID– Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has been selected to assist Navantia, Spain’s largest builder of military and civilian vessels, with the design, development and implementation of “Shipyard 4.0,” a new technology platform that leverages digital technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of ship design and construction.

The platform will employ capabilities such as digital twins, modelling and simulation, and artificial intelligence (AI) to help Navantia accelerate ship design and development, optimize the construction process, including meeting maximum safety standards, and develop new services across the operational lifetime of its vessels.

The first ship to benefit from using the Shipyard 4.0 platform will be the new F-110 frigate, part of a new class of combat vessels for the Spanish Navy. The new platform will help Navantia improve its business management systems throughout a vessel’s entire lifecycle. The rest of Navantia’s new projects will follow.

Accenture will also work with Navantia over the next three years with the integration of Navantia’s end-to-end business processes, facilitating the interaction with customers and suppliers. The project will involve more than 1,000 engineers, 40 construction and engineering firms, 200 suppliers, four shipyards and all of Navantia’s business lines: Shipbuilding, Systems, Repairs, Propulsion, Life Cycle Support, Wind, and Technology Transfer Program.

“Navantia is focused on improving operational efficiencies by developing digital twins of our key products and digitally connecting the entire value chain,” said Donato Martínez, Navantia’s chief technology officer. “By partnering with Accenture, a recognized leader in digital solutions, we can deploy our strategic plan with new technologies and products and provide higher value to our customers for decades to come.”

Julio Juan Prieto, a managing director in Accenture’s Aerospace & Defense practice, said, “Navantia is redefining end-to-end processes and services for Spain’s naval forces. The Shipyard 4.0 platform will improve process efficiency, reduce time-to-market, maximize safety, and open the doors to a new wave of advanced products and process-simulation capabilities.”

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