Adverty Partners with Smaato for In-app-focused Ad Sales Growth

Stockholm, December 4, 2019: Adverty AB announces a partnership with US-based Smaato, the global in-app advertising platform, which delivers ads to mobile apps and games. The integration of platforms will enable Smaato’s wide range of global buy-side partners and advertisers to access Adverty’s new seamless ad inventory at scale.

The deal allows Smaato’s buy-side clients to access Adverty’s unique seamless in-game ad inventory at scale while Adverty can tap into global marketers looking to advertise within games.

Programmatic advertising spend continues to grow and dominates the digital media landscape with 69% of global media estimated to be bought programmatically next year, surpassing US$100bn for the first time, according to a recent marketing forecast by Zenith. Simultaneously, in digital media, which is defined by web and in-app ad inventory for desktop and mobile, in-app advertising is more popular than ever according to MindSea.

The numbers are backed by key stakeholders in the industry, claiming mobile in-app programmatic advertising to be the ideal way for brands to better understand, identify, engage and acquire today’s mobile-first consumers.

“We are excited to bring Adverty’s new ad format to our global buyers. The average consumer in most mature markets spends more than three hours per day in-app and Adverty’s ad inventory not only brings scale but allows the actual ad to be seen by the consumer during the entire gameplay,” said Glenn Fishback, Chief Revenue Officer at Smaato. “We believe their non-intrusive approach to brand advertising is a unique offering for advertisers looking to maximize the benefits of in-app.”

Smaato, founded in 2005, is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with additional offices in Berlin, Hamburg, New York, Shanghai and Singapore. The partnership is well in line with both companies’ in-app-focused businesses, and Smaato’s on-the-ground sales teams in core regions will help create the awareness needed for brands to understand and invest in Adverty’s new ad inventory.

“Smaato’s in-app-only approach to programmatic advertising is a perfect fit for how we want to position ourselves as we expand our sales efforts into new markets. Brands connected to Smaato are used to advertising within apps and games on the mobile platform and we believe the leap over to our new ad format will be frictionless,” says Kenny Spångberg, Chief Revenue Officer at Adverty.

Ad tech aims at connecting brands with people at the right time and place through display advertising, and platforms like Adverty allow content creators to monetize complete experiences with unobtrusive, easy-to-integrate, seamless ads. Katalyst Technologies, the parent company of Panacea Infotech, provides digital and ecommerce solutions to retail businesses that help with mobile app advertising to reach their target audience. Our experts can offer out-of-the-box customer connect initiatives for your business’s web and mobile offerings.