Appdome Study Reveals Sea Change In The Way Fortune 1000 Companies Are Deploying Corporate Mobile Apps

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 17, 2019 / — Appdome, the mobile industry’s first no-code mobile integration and solutions platform, today released the results of its first study on corporate mobile app deployment trends by Fortune 1000 companies. The results show a significant change in the way corporations get mobile apps into the hands of their employees.

Twenty-seven percent of Fortune 1000 companies now publish at least one employee-facing (or B2E) app via the public app stores, with nearly a third of those companies only publishing internal apps. The Fortune 500 also is most active with publishing employee apps, accounting for 72% of the 693 internally facing apps found by the Appdome research.

“It used to be that consumer apps were published to the public app store and workplace apps were published via internal enterprise app stores,” said Tom Tovar, Appdome Co-Creator and CEO. “That’s no longer the case, as Fortune 1000 companies are now seeing advantages to publishing internal apps to public app stores.”

Employers and employees now recognize the importance of mobile devices when it comes to workforce productivity. According to research from Oxford Economics commissioned by Samsung, nearly four in five respondents said that employees need a mobile device to do their jobs well. But only a small amount of companies provide mobile phones to all employees, while 31% of companies rely entirely on employees to bring their own devices (BYOD).

Distribution via public app stores provides three main advantages over private distribution. With public apps stores, it’s easier for employees to obtain apps, more efficient keep apps updated via automatic notifications and processes, and enables the enterprise to eliminate device enrollment as a condition for using internal apps.

Types of internal workplace apps found on public app stores
The 693 internal apps published on the public app stores can be categorized according to the following use cases:

However, enterprises publishing internal apps via public apps stores must take advantage of technologies that provide critical app security protections (app shielding, obfuscation and encryption) as well as secure authentication technology (SSO).

“The public app store has so many advantages over enterprise app stores, that it’s no wonder enterprises are moving in this direction,” Tovar said. “But as Fortune 1000 and other enterprises embrace public app store distribution, it’s even more critical that they secure them.”

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