Astraea Launches EarthAI Notebook

Charlottesville, Virginia, December 20, 2019: Astraea, Inc. announced today its release of EarthAI Notebook, a new tool for analyzing geospatial data. EarthAI Notebook is a fully hosted and managed JuypterLab Notebook designed specifically to analyze raster data at scale, allowing users to unlock insight from geospatial imagery at an unprecedented scale.

“Imagery data is currently too large, costly, and complex to run any sort of efficient analysis on,” says Brendan Richardson, CEO at Astraea. “We believe that EarthAI Notebook will enable scientists, developers, and organizations alike to extract information from the terabytes of Earth-observation data being collected each day.”

Features and benefits of EarthAI Notebook include:

An early-stage startup located in Charlottesville, Virginia, Astraea enables individuals and organizations to unlock insight from geospatial data at global scale. A cloud-native platform, it provides the tools and infrastructure required to build production-level analytics on satellite and drone imagery.

With geospatial data being extensively mined for travel maps, on social media, to convey brick and mortar shop offers during holiday season, it’s important that businesses integrate these data sources into their marketing and customer-facing activities. Besides this, analysis of geospatial data also helps with predicting consumer behavior to be on top of your competitors’ strategies. Businesses, especially in retail, can understand basis in-store footfalls as to which outlets are making good sales. Besides this, for insurance claims, this can be an effective way to conduct risk analysis of the insured person’s geographical data. Supply chain and logistics companies, pharma, construction enterprises, geospatial data can be of value for everyone.

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