Bridge LT Disrupts the Learning and Development Industry

LONDON, Feb. 11, 2020/ — Bridge Learning Tech, a managed learning and digital solutions consultancy specializing in technology to manage, deliver and implement sustainable change is excited to unveil a new MicroLearning platform, mLearn, at Learning Technologies Conference 2020 in London on the 13th and 14th of February.

With mLearn, Bridge Learning Tech aims to disrupt the L&D industry and change the way in which organizations’ procure learning solutions.


Replacing traditional subscription models, mLearn offers a unique opportunity to organizations to own the platform at the end of a three-year subscription, a process referred to as a “3-year MicroLearning mortgage.”

To facilitate continuous personal development and in order to support smaller organizations and businesses, mLearn is also available on a free plan.

What is mLearn

mLearn is built on the concept of MicroLearning, which facilitates engaging daily learning and greater knowledge retention.

The new platform can integrate with the existing Learning Management Systems or be used standalone.

With future releases covering Training Needs Analysis, Business Intelligence Suite, Digital Workbooks, eLearning and open integration with many other solutions, such as Zapier, Microsoft Teams and Slack, mLearn provides a roadmap for organizations to acquire their own bespoke Learning Eco Systems, liberating themselves from life-time subscriptions.

Vlad Shishkaryov, Bridge Learning Tech’s Founder, said of the new platform, “It’s a really exciting time for us. Until now, most of the learning solutions and products available have been based on subscription plans, leaving organizations with no assets, no residual value and no return on their investment at the end of their contracts. We believe this is unfair and our mission is to change the model to offer better value and more choice to our customers. That’s why with mLearn, at the end of your contract, you own it. The time has come for L&D to be liberated and I fully believe that this is the start of the disruption of the industry, which has for far too long been dominated by the large LMS providers.”

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Source: PR Newswire