BurnAlong Launches Next-Gen Facial Health Scan Technology

BALTIMORE (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 06, 2020, BurnAlong is today launching a new feature that will transform how millions of people monitor their health, and change what they do to achieve their health goals: by giving them the ability to instantly track key health metrics directly from the BurnAlong App – just using the phone’s camera, no wearable needed.

“BurnAlong Facial Metrics” is an AI-driven facial scan. Using the camera on their phone – people will be able to track their Heart Rate, Oxygen Level, and Respiratory Rate – without a wearable.
With only 20% of the U.S. population having a wearable (and only 10% of those 55+) this gives everyone the health data they need.

“BurnAlong’s mission is to change lives by giving people the health and wellbeing programming and support they need, and so with only 20% of the country having a wearable we’ve been focused on how to give the other 80% of people access to that same valuable data,” said Daniel Freedman, Co-CEO of BurnAlong. “With BurnAlong Facial Metrics now everyone can get the data to optimize their workouts, track their health data, and monitor their stress — and then act on the data with BurnAlong’s video classes and programming.”

BurnAlong Facial Metrics is now available on the BurnAlong mobile app on the App Store and Google Play for compatible devices. BurnAlong Facial Metrics is supported on mobile devices using Android version 8.1 and later and iOS version 12.4 and later.

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Source: PR Web