China Mobile International Opens UK Data Center

LONDON: China Mobile International Limited (CMI) officially launched its data center in the United Kingdom in early December. The first data center in Europe to be built and owned by CMI, its commissioning has considerably enriched its resources from the booming global network. As a platform for exchange between international networks and Internet data centers (IDC), the UK data center offers a connectivity service that connects Europe and Asia and echoes the “Belt and Road” initiative.


Trade between Europe and Asia has always been maintained at a consistent level and has experienced stable development. Europe-Asia cooperation continues to strengthen, particularly in the fields of investment, education and research. Building on excellent fiber optic connectivity, a more stable power supply and highly skilled workforce support, the UK data center has become one of the important hubs for CMI.


By expanding its global network of data centers to the United Kingdom, CMI brings greater connectivity to multinational companies in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe, in our new era of digital globalization. The UK data center seamlessly connects with the Singapore data center, also recently launched by CMI, its Global Network Center (GNC) in Hong Kong and its WAN infrastructure in the whole world. CMI is also currently building a data center in Frankfurt, Germany, as well as in other major cities around the world.


Thanks to the direct connection between the local loop of CMI in Europe and the SMW5 cable which connects Southeast Asia to Western Europe via the Middle East, the data center can therefore be connected to the cables CMI’s Asia-Pacific submarines including the SJC (Southeast Asia-Japan), the APG (Asia-Pacific gateway) and the SJC2. These cables allow fluid connections within Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Asia-Pacific and between these different regions of the world. All of this offers professional customers very broad and very high speed connectivity via the vast resources of CMI’s global network.


The data center in the United Kingdom can also use the land cable resources covering the Belt and Road initiative region – in particular the Transit Europe-Asia 2 (TEA-2), Transit Europe- networks. Asia 3 (TEA-3), Europe-Russia-Mongolia-China (ERMC), and the different routes for the European and Asian markets (DREAM for Diverse Route for European and Asian Markets). Overall, the international network offers quick access to more than 300 cities located in 31 provinces and regions of mainland China.


Being one of the points of presence (PoP) of the Cloud Connect service, this data center offers a connection between the platforms of different public cloud providers as well as secure multi-Cloud and hybrid Cloud solutions for business customers. It also offers an end-to-end management service that allows connectivity worldwide.


“The opening of our new data center in the UK demonstrates CMI’s commitment to promoting reliable, secure and broadband connections worldwide, and we continue to see strong customer demand for connectivity solutions , cloud and content delivery not only between the Asia-Pacific region and Europe , but also between the Middle East and Africa, “said Mr. Li Feng, President and CEO of China Mobile International Ltd .


“In the era of Big Data, data centers play an essential role in facilitating the exchange of information. CMI provides integrated professional services, through which companies can develop their activities without the slightest concern. Our UK data center provides a reliable platform to meet the existing and future needs of the financial, Internet and other digitalization businesses, “added Mr. Li.


Located in the Slough Trading Estate, the CMI data center in the UK houses more than 1,600 racks. In accordance with the standards of TCDD (Certification by level of design documents) Tier III data centers of the Uptime Institute, this center guarantees its service and a 99.99% stable energy source.


In addition to the secure implementation of three individual fiber cable inputs, the installation is doubly supplied by two separate electrical substations. The power system is supported by 2N transformers and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), equipped with a 10-minute backup battery at full charge. The data center cooling system is supported by N + 1 air cooling units and N + 3 water-cooled computer room air conditioning units (CRAC), implemented in each large data room, with a refrigerated water storage system capable of providing cooling needs for six minutes. The premises are also equipped with


CMI aims to provide its customers with integrated solutions and complete services as well as other services with high added value such as professional colocation, interconnection and remote assistance.


With its large global reach through its cable systems, points of presence and data centers, CMI will continue to expand its presence in the world and make the most of synergies between its data centers in order to convergence and efficiency, which will offer international access via high bandwidths to international customers.



CMI has significantly accelerated the development of Internet data centers (IDC) worldwide and has converged network resources to data centers to accommodate needs in the cloud. With the rising demand of the cloud based solution, Panacea Infotech, a Katalyst group company offers advanced cloud based solutions that help clients to meet their potential requirements of business.


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