CloudMinds Launches Cloud AI based Robot Rental Program

SANTA CLARA, Calif: A global pioneer in cloud artificial intelligence architecture that makes robots and businesses smarter for the benefit of all humanity – has launched an innovative Smart Robot rental program that provides consumers and businesses easy access to intelligent cloud service robots. From natural language processing (NLP) technology that enables smart interactions and conversations in multiple languages, dancing, gestures to other advanced capabilities for entertaining guests, humanoid cloud robots can help create customized brand experiences and memorable interactions that aren’t possible with ordinary robots.


“We’re taking another big step forward for the industry in making intelligent cloud service robots – which have only been within reach for select companies up to this point – accessible to everyday people and businesses through a revolutionary new rental program,” said Bill Huang, founder and chief executive officer of CloudMinds. “We’re bringing the power of cloud artificial intelligence-powered robots, which learn with human input, closer to society. This further strengthens our foundation in providing an even wider range of intelligent compliant service robots from CloudMinds – from wheeled to two-legged form factors. Ultimately, we’re elevating what is now the ‘new normal’ expectation of helpful, friendly robots for homes and businesses.”


“Our robots are engineered to work alongside our rental clients to surprise and delight their customers and guests, while creating memorable interactions and lasting impressions,” said Alberto Scherb, senior director of the CloudMinds Smart Robot rental program. “In addition to our ongoing sales efforts, our rental program will begin with the availability of our already-popular Cloud Pepper robot – and may expand over time with other humanoid robot solutions that include intelligent Cloud Cleaning, Cloud Assistant, Cloud Patrol and Cloud Vending robots.”

Cloud AI + Robotics: A New Everyday Standard Within Reach:

Rental availability and cost range: Rentals are available from a day, to a month, to long-term – starting at $5,500 (U.S.). More information can be found at:



“Brain in the Cloud”: The company’s groundbreaking Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence (HARIX) platform (or “Cloud Brain”), an ultra-secure virtual backbone intranet (“Nerve Network”) and more innovative technologies create a more intelligent Pepper robot. The overall solution reflects the company’s steadfast conviction that machines and humankind must work together to drive society forward.

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