Comb O&P Launches iPhone Scanning App for O&P Professionals

CLEVELAND : Comb O&P, LLC, an Orthotic and Prosthetic shape capture company, announced that its Comb 3D Scanner App is now available on the iPhone App Store. The state-of-the-art App leverages the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera, powered by KNOCKOUT 3D™, to capture 3D scans of body parts without the need for additional attachments or hardware.

Comb O&P launched the Comb 3D Scanner App to fill an unmet need for the market of molding/capturing parts of the body for fitting custom made bracing and orthopedic appliances. 3D scanning for legs, feet, knees, arms, and the torso is now accurate, affordable and fits in your pocket. Practitioners can quickly review and upload saved scans as .obj or .stl to the HIPAA-compliant Comb portal. To prepare for rectification and fabrication, scans can be downloaded and imported into popular CAD/CAM software.

“Instead of sharing a large and expensive scanner, I can quickly and easily scan my patients using my iPhone with no additional hardware. The Comb 3D Scanner App is a game changer for me,” said Vince Baroni, CPO, President of Comb O&P. “The speed at which I can now fit braces, limbs, and foot/ankle devices has expedited my digital workflow and allows me to spend more time providing top-notch patient care.”

Comb O&P, LLC. is a prosthetics and orthotics company that offers scanning solutions for practitioners who fit braces, limbs, shoes, arch supports, and other orthopedic appliances for the human body. Designed for the practitioner, the Comb app allows you to capture precise 3D scans of your patients. Download your scans from the Comb portal to prepare for CAD rectification and fabrication. The Comb App uses the front facing camera built into the iPhone X and most new models, so there is no additional hardware needed to capture a scan.

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Source: PR Newswire