D’amore Healthcare Announced Virtual Care Amid Lockdown

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Mental health issues thrive in an environment of isolation. As millions of Americans quarantine themselves in their homes, many people are experiencing anxiety and depression. Loneliness is a breeding ground for feelings of despair and hopelessness. Being separated from your community of friends and coworkers is enough to cause anyone to feel blue. But a person who is predisposed to depression or who has a preexisting mental health condition may be especially impacted by current circumstances.

D’Amore Healthcare is a Mental Health Treatment Center in Huntington Beach, California, that has adopted a variety of virtual networking tools to allow them to continue to care for their patients in these uncertain times. Patients in their residential treatment program often look forward to Family Saturday. In the past, patients would get the opportunity to visit with family members and enjoy a meal with their loved ones. However, due to concerns regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus, this fun diversion is no longer viable. D’Amore has adapted to the circumstances by setting up Zoom meetings to host virtual family get-togethers and crucial family therapy sessions. They also offer families the opportunity to buy meals for their loved ones with Post Mates deliveries from local restaurants.

When it comes to mental health treatment, the real test comes once residential treatment ends. Returning to the real world can be a dangerous time. Old, destructive habits can come crashing back once a person is once again subject to everyday stressors and potential triggers. Aftercare is one of the most important aspects of long-term recovery from a mental health disorder or substance use disorder.

D’Amore Healthcare has adopted a social networking app to help its patients navigate the world once they leave the safety of their treatment center. Using the HIPPA-compliant, mobile application “Caredfor” allows D’Amore to support its Alumni when gathering in person is impossible. Using the app, D’Amore can host virtual support groups that enable alumni to share their experiences and help each other through tough times. D’Amore also uses the app to set up remote meetings between Alumni and their therapists.

By creating a virtual location for their community to gather, D’Amore continues to support their patients during the quarantine. Using the app, they can share literature and videos with their patients, celebrate important milestones, and encourage them to develop healthy habits for a happy life.

As leading healthcare giants strategize their operations by making an online presence, telemedicine apps are turning out to be the most effective way to treat the people in quarantine and remote health monitoring to curb the spread.

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Source: PR Newswire