Deliverable Provides Consumers with a COVID-Free Shopping Experience

SHELTON, Conn., July 6, 2020– Deliverable, LLC, a mobile app, will assist with COVID-19 by protecting the health and safety of each consumer with their nationwide launch and campaign called COVID-Free. The foundation, called COVID-Free, will provide the necessary materials hospitals need in order to fight COVID-19. Also, Deliverable will be fighting COVID-19, along with big box retailers such as Walmart, by offering a safer, more engaging application. On their website, one can even get a free mask. Deliverable sees the imminent threat of the pandemic: “With less contact between humans, we will make a difference in the way we shop,” indicated Allison Shine, the founder of Deliverable, LLC.

With curbside pick-up and in-store pick-up rates rising by 425% in May 2020, consumers have the opportunity to delegate the task of picking up orders to a Deliverable driver, and they can shield themselves from COVID-19. For example, if one places an order of groceries at Walmart through the computer or mobile app, one can opt for curbside or in-store pick-up at checkout to maintain their safety. However, what if the customer does not want to risk going to the store due to COVID-19? Moreover, what if Deliverable can provide such a convenience?

In our post-COVID-19 world, consumers are flocking to online platforms, and E-Commerce rates have skyrocketed in May and June 2020. Moreover, Deliverable looks to streamline the shipping process to make it accessible for Americans to secure a no-contact delivery. Although Deliverable has sought Walmart’s endorsement, Deliverable searches for venture capitalists to assist with a nationwide launch to protect consumers during COVID-19. Deliverable hopes to gain nationwide traction, so they can provide a no-contact and COVID-free shopping experience, not only to Americans in New York (where the app will launch in a few days), but to Americans across the nation.

Technology never fails to surprise people. Just when people thought they’ll have to live with the pandemic for the rest of their lives, Deliverable, LLC, a mobile app, announced that it will assist with COVID-19. It plans to protect the health and safety of each consumer with their nationwide launch and campaign called COVID-Free. Likewise, Panacea Infotech is one of the leading IT development and service provider functioning with an agile approach to building profitable businesses through an app and web development.

Source-PR Newswire