Dicom Systems Delivers Business Continuity Solutions

Campbell, California, December 2: Dicom Systems (www.dcmsys.com), a leader in Enterprise Imaging interoperability and workflow software, announced today their collaboration with Google Cloud to launch Unifier Cloud Archive for next-generation disaster recovery and business continuity archive for Enterprise Imaging. Unifier Cloud Archive would serve as the bidirectional traffic bridge between the cloud and the on-prem environment, giving healthcare providers a rapid deployment process and a direct path to the fast, consistent and scalable performance offered by Google Cloud.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC)1, healthcare data will exceed 2,314 exabytes by 2020, presenting businesses with the challenge of managing and manipulating data that has seen a 48% increase annually since 2013. To prepare, adopting a formal Disaster Recovery (DR) plan would mitigate disruptions, whether natural or human, while ensuring mission-critical operations continue.

“Patient care is a 24x7x365 enterprise and a modern DR plan supports that. We are proud to collaborate with Google Cloud on expanding our archiving solutions in our mission to offer one of the most comprehensive Enterprise Imaging platforms to healthcare organizations. The role of Dicom Systems Unifier platform is two-fold: serving as a bridge between on-prem and the cloud as well as normalizing and integrating all health information systems. Customers are able to access a highly secure infrastructure managed by Google Cloud that goes beyond storage to include data analysis, developer tools, and AI building blocks. Ultimately, organizations that plan ahead are able to offer the best patient care,” said Dmitriy Tochilnik, President and CTO of Dicom Systems.

Dicom Systems has successfully deployed an Enterprise Imaging and archiving solution at a national oncology care network with several hospitals. Since 2018, customers have leveraged Unifier platform in use cases such as quick integration of regional medical centers, interoperability between disparate hospital systems, and consolidating siloed data like radiation treatment and laboratory reports.

Overview of Unifier Cloud Archive

“In partnership with Google Cloud, our intention is to eliminate the perception that disaster recovery is a difficult process. Dicom Systems Unifier Cloud Archive ensures uninterrupted patient imaging operations whether PACS downtime was planned or unplanned. By leveraging Google Cloud, Dicom Systems customers can rely on a cloud instance not only as a backup, but also as an always available copy of their images for viewing, querying and retrieving relevant priors,” said Florent Saint-Clair, Executive Vice President of Dicom Systems.

Dicom Systems provides Enterprise Imaging solutions that simplify IT workflows and interoperability. The features-rich Unifier platform delivers functionality like intelligent routing, SSL-based DICOM and HL7 integration tools, DICOM Modality Worklist, archiving and de-identification through on-premise, private cloud and leading cloud providers like Google Cloud and AWS. Dicom Systems is recognized by top healthcare enterprises, government agencies and partners for next-generation Enterprise Imaging.

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