E-gift Cards Brand Tango Card® Launches in Mexico

Seattle: Tango Card, a leading provider of gift cards and prepaid cards for rewards and incentives programs, announced today the first comprehensive catalog of e-gift cards available in Mexico. Digital gift card offerings are emerging in Mexico as they did in the US about 10 years ago and this represents an exciting opportunity for enterprises to reward and incentivize their employees and customers. The e-gift cards are now available to order for customers based in Mexico, in the US, and around the world. Tango Card customers can order specific e-gift cards directly from a catalog or send a comprehensive catalog of Mexican Peso denominated e-gift cards via Tango Card’s Reward Link.

At launch, Tango Card has several brands like Best Buy, Burger King, Chili’s, Cinépolis, Domino’s, Enviaflores.com, Experimenta, Italianni’s, Office365, Spotify, Starbucks, The Cheesecake Factory, Uber, Windows, Xbox available in the Mexican Peso currency.

Tango Card’s mission is to make rewards easy to send and awesome to receive. With the launch of rewards in Mexico, Tango Card customers now have digital reward options in over 30 countries and 22 currencies all available through one agreement, one account, and one ordering method.  This makes things easy and efficient for Tango Card’s 3000+ customers.

“We have built a platform that can truly scale with our enterprise customers,” said Nat Salvione, Tango Card’s CCO, “and as a key part of that we realize our customers have employees and users all around the world. It was important for us to address their reward needs in a simple and scalable way through technology.”

In addition to e-gift cards in Mexico, Tango Card has also added more reward choices in the UK, Canada, the Philippines, Singapore, Germany, Russia, and Romania.

“Our International Partners are incredibly important to us and provide choice and value to our customers,” said Lindsay Gale, Tango Card’s Director of International Partnerships, “we can offer a wide selection of e-gift cards from around the world because of our partner’s continued support.”

Tango Card bundle easy-to-use technology, great rewards, and expert service to help companies achieve desired business results and get the most out of their rewards programs. With headquarters in Seattle and offices in Boise and Omaha, our Rewards Genius dashboard RaaS® API, and reward delivery platform supports thousands of enterprise clients in the US and globally.

To create a successful digital Rewards and Incentives program akin to leading brands like Tango Card, connect with Digital and Ecommerce experts from Katalyst Technologies, Panacea Tech’s parent company and drive employee and customer engagement for your organization. 


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