Energize Voters offers voters’ up-to-date information with GOTV canvassing apps

WASHINGTON: There are 62,601,433 eligible but non-voting Democrats in America and Energize Voters knows who they are, where they live, and what they should do on or before Nov. 3, 2020: Vote!

Energize Voters was formed for the sole purpose of supporting get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts for the upcoming election — enabling every progressive individual and organization to join in the effort to increase Democratic turnout — in three ways:

Democratizing voter data by acquiring the highest-quality voter information and offering it to progressive organizations at a small fraction of its cost;

Involving every progressive organization and individual by making the voter information available in free GOTV-canvassing apps and tools; and

Incubating new ideas to use the voter information in other ways to increase turnout (for example, GOTV gamification).

“Most small organizations can’t afford up-to-date voter information and the latest canvassing tools,” said David Simon, an Energize Voters co-founder. As a result, their efforts tend to be untargeted, inefficient, and duplicative. “With top-notch voter information on a free canvassing platform, organizations of all shapes and sizes will have easy access to the data and technology they need to support their GOTV efforts,” he said.

Likewise, many individuals want to be politically active this year for the first time but don’t know where or how to start. Using Energize Voters’ free apps, they will be able to identify — and help motivate — the unregistered and low-propensity voters among their friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers. “If not now, when…?” Simon says.

Energize Voters are offering the data at a minimum price intended to defray their data and software costs as they pursue their own GOTV initiatives. They provide the voter data as CSV files or through Hello Voter, an open-source canvassing platform and mobile app. Clients can select turfs and assign them to volunteers, customize the script for your campaign, monitor volunteers’ progress, and download reports of the results.


As everything across the globe is getting digitalized, elections are also not untouched. Everyone is getting updated with more tech-driven ways to reach their potential users or people.  To empower this digitalization, Panacea Infotech, a Katalyst group company offers, end-to-end mobile solutions that helps our client’s to offer their services digitally through mobile apps.


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