ERP Maestro Extends Security Controls to SAP SuccessFactors

Plantation, Florida: ERP Maestro, provider of automated and cloud-based controls for access, security and GRC, announced today that it has extended the risk monitoring and analysis capabilities of Access Analyzer to SuccessFactors®, SAP’s human capital management (HCM) cloud application for an enterprise-wide view of risks in one solution. With ERP Maestro’s growing ecosystem of multi-application internal controls, businesses can administer and manage access controls across various systems while having an enterprise-wide view of risks in one solution.

Access Analyzer, ERP Maestro’s cloud GRC access control solution for SAP, is used globally for compliance requirements, stopping fraud, preventing internal data breaches and protecting assets. This launches at a time when an increasing number of cloud applications – including SuccessFactors – are connecting to SAP. With more internal users, data sets and points of entry, failure to secure these systems leaves organizations more exposed to costly mishaps and intentional criminal acts. Access Analyzer provides extensive visibility into these risks with its intuitive dashboard, while providing remediation advice on how to remove risks across systems.

“Companies that use Access Analyzer for SuccessFactors,” said ERP Maestro CEO Jody Paterson, “will have the same great access controls for their HCM system as they have for SAP and without disparate tools so that they have more integrated risk management.”

SuccessFactors is a payroll processing platform housing critical and sensitive employee data, making it vulnerable to payroll fraud and breaches of data, such as personal identification information and more.

“Businesses need to know who has access to what in all systems,” said Paterson. “Just like Access Analyzer for SAP, Access Analyzer for SuccessFactors can be configured in minutes, providing same-day risk visibility and reporting without implementation, maintenance or upgrade costs.”

Once a primary tool for audit and compliance, automated access control solutions have evolved to also be an internal cybersecurity solution that fills the gap identity and access management tools don’t cover.

“Companies must think beyond governance, risk and compliance (GRC),” said Paterson. “They need to think about access controls for all of their business systems, and a single solution for multiple applications provides deep visibility and protection. What is exciting about this development is the underlying cloud-based engine now has the capability to reach into any system. SuccessFactors is just the first of many in our lineup.”

ERP Maestro makes managing access risk, compliance, and security in SAP® environments incredibly easy by automating the monitoring, detection, and prevention of internal cybersecurity risks in SAP systems, minimizing potential breaches and fraud and accelerating remediation. It empowers organizations to establish effective governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) processes.

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