eScholar Location ID App Launched By Leading Data Solutions Provider

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., eScholar, the leading provider of education data solutions, announced the launch of a new application, eScholar Location ID™. eScholar Location ID is a flexible solution designed to generate a universal location identifier for distinct locations.  This identifier ensures identifiers are not duplicated across sources or time and enables longitudinal and transactional analysis. With a robust matching engine composed of proven algorithms, the process of assigning unique IDs and matching locations to already existing identifiers is accurate and streamlined.

Benefits include:

One use case for identifying previously undetected issues, eScholar Location ID can identify providers that may have had a business name change or had previously revoked licenses. For example, a daycare provider may have had its license revoked due to site violations. Without eScholar Location ID, it previously could re-open under a new license and business name in the same location. With eScholar Location ID, state agencies can now match the provider with its old Location ID.

Andrea Hartman, eScholar’s Director of Product Management, led the design and delivery of the application after learning about the need from the State of Louisiana.

“Using our matching engine, states can assign IDs to locations and can then group and manage these entities,” says Ms. Hartman.

“We spent a lot of time creating a user-friendly dashboard that will allow access of data like facility type, programs, start and end date of programs, and range of grades served.”

eScholar Location ID is currently on version 2.0 and now includes an updated interface that allows users to add a location and resolve near matches. This solution is available as an integrated module to eScholar Uniq-ID®, eScholar’s unique identification product, or installed as a stand-alone solution.

About eScholar: eScholar connects data, solves problems, empowers decisions for education agencies and supports the work and education of over 50 million individuals. eScholar’s solutions suite include statewide longitudinal data systems, P20W data systems, early childhood integrated data systems, unique identifier systems, and more.

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Source: PR Newswire