eSign Genie Releases a New User Interface, Experience and Branding

Cupertino, California, December 13, 2019: eSign Genie, an eSignature software company, is excited to roll out a modern user interface with a super intuitive and user-friendly experience. “After reviewing customer feedback on the eSign Genie user interface and overall user experience for the past couple of years, our team is releasing the new eSign Genie user interface in multiple phases over the next three months starting with the first release in late December,” said CEO Mahender Bist. “While the new user interface will be a great experience, we will ensure that there is no impact to any customers who have customized the eSign Genie embedded user interface via our API or online form. We are grateful to our customers for their feedback to make eSign Genie even better.”

The phases include home page changes, creating a guided intuitive flow, updating eSign Genie’s branding, customers having the ability to personalize their dashboard colors, and improvements to the online form and bulk sending features. With these enhancements, customers will find a more streamlined, modern and intuitive user interface.

eSign Genie software allows for efficient and flexible company workflows during the esignature process. The Business Premium and Enterprise plan features are real time savers. Automation can be accomplished via a URL generated by creating an online form. This URL can be placed on a website or within an email. The API is also very useful in automating the esignature process from within an application or website. Additionally, companies, organizations and schools can save time by bulk sending documents to esign. With eSign Genie, one can quickly set up contracts, waivers, affidavits, permission slips, etc via eSign Genie’s easy drag and drop functionality.

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