Fourdesire Plant Nanny2 Water Reminder Mobile App For Tree-Planting Campaign

TAIPEI – To commemorate the one-year anniversary of their crowd-pleasing Plant Nanny2 gamification mobile app, a Google Play “Best Apps of 2019” recipient, Fourdesire is launching a limited-time campaign to further promote environmental sustainability.

From March 19 to April 15, the Taiwan digital design company will plant a tree for every birthday wish or post shared on Instagram (@plantnanny_us)  of this adorable water reminder/tracking app.  The goal is to plant 1,000 trees during the special anniversary campaign.

“Most of us know that staying well-hydrated is important, but changing behaviors and establishing new routines can be daunting — especially if we’re too busy or lack strong motivation,” explained Wei-Fan Chen, producer of Plant Nanny2. “Plant Nanny2 is a water reminder app with a twist.  We give you a cute plant to care for, and every time you drink water, you help the plant grow. You’re watering a plant and yourself at the same time!”

Boasting 2 million downloads since its debut in 2019, Plant Nanny2 has helped people around the world boost their water intake and cultivate healthy habits in an engaging, stress-free way. Over the past year, 27 million cups of water have been consumed and 700,000 plants have been planted by “gardeners” in more than 10 countries, including the US and Taiwan where the majority reside.

Some fun facts about Plant Nanny2 users

Most caring gardeners: Thailand (most plants per person, on average)

Most industrious gardeners: Italy (most water drank per person per day, on average)

Most determined gardeners: Japan (most consecutive days drinking water per person, on average)

“During our special anniversary tree-planting campaign, you’ll be able to ensure some real plants are watered,” added Chen. “Let’s all do our part to save our planet and make a positive ecological footprint by wishing Plant Nanny2 (@plantnanny_us)  a well-deserved happy 1st birthday!”

Fourdesire has taken initiatives to contribute to the green revolution. It is offering a tech-driven solution for maintaining the planting works so that our planet remains color-coded in green. Panacea Infotech is also a leading mobile app development company that believes in building a sustainable ecosystem with support futuristic technologies.

Source – PR newswire