Harmany Network, ALTAGOOD IS Best App In Emergency Situations

CHARLOTTE, — Harmany, Inc. the creator of ALTAGOOD, a homeshare social network and disaster preparedness community, announced that homeshare is still the best option for safe evacuations during a pandemic.

“Harmany was created to be the best tool available for safe and orderly evacuations,” said Gerard Hilinski, Harmany’s Chief Medical Advisor. “Now, while we are together dealing with a COVID world, we still believe that personal networks and small, intimate groupings will be the best way for people to be safe if a large-scale natural event takes place.”

ALTAGOOD is a mobile optimized web application and social network offering users the ability to seek or provide shelter during emergency situations. The goal of ALTAGOOD is to create a social network of response-ready individuals who can host displaced persons at a moment’s notice.

“Having hundreds of people packed into a public shelter is not feasible during a pandemic,” said Mr. Hilinski. “Social distance and hygienic practices are more easily maintained in an individualistic, household setting.”

As some experts have stated, evacuations are made safer when evacuees have less distance to travel. This is equally true of slowing the spread of a virus. Harmany’s ALTAGOOD facilitates less travel by allowing users to locate a spare bedroom, rather than an unoccupied hotel room.

“Our network of hosts stands ready to do battle against both natural disasters, and a viral pandemic,” said Mr. Hilinski. “We believe that our targeted, local solution to large-scale social disruptions is still the best option available, and that our network will make people safer. We really are all in this together.”

Founded in 2018, Harmany, Inc. is a Charlotte, NC based startup and provider of Harmany App and ALTAGOOD. Harmany is an industry leader in community focused public safety technology. The mission of Harmany is to create values driven civically engaged social networks to foster positive societal impact. Harmany was selected as a semi-finalist for the Consumer Technology Association’s 2018 Startup of the Year award.

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Source: PR Newswire