Hello Alvin Provides Telemedicine Access to Physicians for Consumers Locked-down

SAN DIEGO, March 23, 2020– Hello Alvin is providing consumers access to its quality telemedicine services at an affordable price. Available directly online, this on-demand telemedicine network provides consumers direct access to a variety of healthcare resources by email, phone or video for acute minor illnesses. Visit www.HelloAlvin.com or call 844.446.2584.

Plan options are now available at a discount to help those in need of access to doctors and nurses, while on lockdown for the COVID-19 challenges. Be sure to indicate the discount code – HelloAlvinPlan — for the monthly subscription. The service includes Teladoc®, a virtual care network of doctors available by phone or video. The bundled telemedicine healthcare offering includes:

“This program is designed to meet the unmet needs of nearly 100 million Americans who are either completely uninsured (self-pay) or under-insured on high-deductible health plans,” says Joey Truscelli, CEO, Alvin Healthcare. We’re also serving the needs of part-time workers, seasonal workers, those who work in the gig-economy and small and medium sized employers.  This high-quality service is especially important and timely given the COVID-19 pandemic.”

He emphasizes the mission of Hello Alvin to provide value to individuals and families by providing greater access to care, right from home, while saving consumers time and money on treatment by providing direct access to doctors on video, or by phone, 24/7, nationwide.

“Regardless of whether the user has insurance or not, they can access medical care directly through Hello Alvin and our partnership with Teladoc®,” Truscelli continues.  “We’re here to help individuals and families enroll, and make it affordable to do so.”

As the COVID-19 outbroke across the world, and there are several infected patients who are uninsured and need healthcare facilities. Hello Alvin has taken the responsibility to provide consumers access quality healthcare. Like wise, Panacea Infotech is an expert in providing on-demand services that will help people to access the services online using on-demand apps. Collaborate with us to develop an on-demand solutions in these critical times.

Source- PR Newswire