Hire and Fire your kids launches Mobile App

WHITBY, ON: After months of isolation, families have gone a little COVID crazy and soon it is back to school. Getting household structure in place can lead to resentment and frustration.




Hire and Fire your Kids is an app that allows children to ‘apply’ for jobs around the house, and for parents to recognize positive behavior, or ‘fire’ the kids for not meeting expectations or house rules. Hire and Fire your Kids (“HFK”) teaches kids values to succeed in life by applying principles of recognition, reward & consequence to help parents manage behaviors and chores in their busy homes.


With an extended break from school, kids and parents have started to let bad habits creep in and impact the household structure.  The HFK app is the answer to reset and focus on your family values just in time for a vastly different school year.


Positive Customer Impact


Many customers have already benefited from using the app. Michelle, recently said “HFK has transformed the way we interact in the house. There is less complaining from my two kids and less nagging/yelling from me. We now work as a team to keep the house clean and love having our monthly family meetings.”


Dr. Kortney Peagram, Ph.D. of Bulldog Solution Inc & Peagram Consulting says “As a Psychologist and a Bully Teacher, I think this app is really important to have for every parent. It really drills down the importance of responsibility, accountability, and teaching our children about expectations. With the advance in technology, this app is easy to use and helps parents track progress. We highly recommend it in every home.”


Where to find us?


The HFK app release includes updates driven by valued customer feedback to support the company’s commitment to deliver the best user experience within a holistic solution. The HFK app is available for download on iOS and Android devices and at www.hireandfireyourkids.com


Founded in 2018 by Jody Swain, mom of a blended family, fed up with cleaning up after her kids and battling behaviors. She created a game of ‘hire and fire’ that leveraged her 20-year management experience.


With four Dragons’ Den offers and reaching #1 in the Lifestyle section of the Apple app store, the HFK app is the future of parenting in a digital age. Unlike other chore apps, HFK encourages proactive behavior to achieve goals and that unmet Family expectations have consequences.


Technological transformation has made the things easier. App like hire and fire your kids are very helpful for every parent. Keeping in mind modern day needs, Panacea Infotech offers advance mobility solutions that help client’s to transform their ideas into innovation.


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