Home Fitness App Ability Fix Offers Aquatic Workouts Amid Pandemic

CARSON CITY, Nev., — The COVID-19 pandemic has forced nearly 60 million American Adults who possess gym memberships to re-think their exercise routine. Many are gravitating towards home-based exercise solutions. Exercise app downloads increased by over 45% in March as lockdowns were implemented throughout the country. This provides a unique opportunity for revolutionary exercise apps to flourish while most of the country is hesitant to go back to the gym.

Perry & Starr Nixdorf own and operate Paradise, a Spa & Aquatic Fitness Center in Carson City, Nevada. Two years ago, they began to create an at home fitness application, Ability Fix, for individuals who want to utilize their personal swimming pools for exercise. They observed that a variety of exercise apps exist for several different exercise modalities, but none for aquatic based exercise. Their solution was to develop a fitness application that provided video/audio instructed exercise routines for users of all mobility levels.

Nixdorf states, “Technology is bringing private exercise classes to mobile devices, smart TVs and computers, and many individuals have chosen to subscribe to exercise apps and purchase smart exercise equipment during the pandemic. Ability Fix allows individuals with home pools to participate in aquatic exercise classes specifically designed for their fitness level.”

Nixdorf believes that there is large and growing market for home exercise that is customized to for each individual. “Users are demanding personalization and customization with the apps and smart devices they use daily. Our extensive video content library allows people to access tailored workouts, all from the safety and comfort of their home pool.”

Registered Exercise Physiologist Graeme Kerby elaborates on home exercise apps by stating, “Regular gym users are already using apps and wearable devices to personalize and track their workouts. It’s a natural next step for people to start utilizing apps with customizable exercise video content from the comfort of their home.”

The current pandemic is expected to remain for some time, fitness industry are drastically changing their service offerings that are in sync to mobile apps. Panacea Infotech is leading mobile app development company in US assisting businesses to make their operation more sustainable and situation-friendly.

Source: PR Newswire