Hozpitality Group Re-launches its Website Hozpitality.com

DUBAI, U.A.E : Hozpitality Group has announced the launch of its Brand New Global Hospitality Platform at www.hozpitality.com . “Although, the world is currently dealing with an unprecedented event, at Hozpitality Group we are very positive that once this opens there will be a huge demand in the hospitality sector,” says Raj Bhatt, the Founder, and CEO of Hozpitality Group.


Hozpitality Group is bringing in a huge enhanced platform that includes, Jobs, Companies, Institutes, Courses, Alumni Pages, Events, Global Hospitality Suppliers and a Marketplace. The website will also have sections for News announcements, promotions, and deals. This will also have a full-fledged professional network for hospitality professionals around the globe. “Our mission is to bring the millions of hospitality professionals under one roof through this new platform,” added Vandana Bhatt, Director Hozpitality Group.


The hospitality industry does not only include Hotels and Restaurants, but also Airlines, Travel Agencies, Cinemas, Clubs, Cruise Lines, Spa, Facilities Management, Amusement Parks and even Retail. It is amazing to see the highest number of world population works in the hospitality industry. In the US alone, there are 15 million restaurant professionals, there are still other sectors which fall under the hospitality sectors. “At Hozpitality Group, we are proud to be passionate to associated with a wonderful community in the world. Our team has been working day and night to create the new platform and we are happy to showcase our offerings to our existing and the new prospective clients in the near future,” said Raj.


The Pandemic has indeed slowed down the entire world, but we will come out better and stronger. Everyone is very hopeful and are all together in this, the hospitality sector is the worst affected sector of all, the flights have been grounded, the hotels have shut down, restaurants and bars are limiting their orders to minimal delivery, travel agents fighting with customers over the canceled flights. Cruise liners are docked, and the world seems to have come to a standstill.


“But looking at the future, we hope as soon as the lockdowns are lifted and life is back to what we once called normal, the hotels and flights will start opening. There will be huge demands for us within the industry,” added Raj.

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Source: PR Newswire