Huawei Enables Ecommerce Platforms With Live Streaming Function

SHENZHEN, China , – An enhanced live e-commerce solution was showcased at today’s Huawei Developer Webinar.

With a $ 2.39 trillion increase in global e-commerce sales in 2018 to USD 3.46 trillion. in 2019 [i] and given that more and more retailers and consumers are turning to online streaming, live e-commerce is expected to make up a larger part of the retail sector. Huawei’s innovative solution is designed to help developers unlock more opportunities in the fast-growing e-commerce industry and open the way for retailers to have unique live streaming experiences: easier, faster and more comprehensive.

Live streaming has a far more successful customer retention rate compared to traditional e-commerce and is more effective at promoting sales and building customer relationships. “The pandemic is forcing us as consumers to change our behavior due to lockdowns and restrictions. Online demand is booming and a wider variety of products and categories can be obtained from the Internet. Digital technology has become the core business of every type of industry, “said Roosevelt Nascimento , a spokesperson for the event and Dafiti’s Head of Product and Business Intelligence.

As part of this expanded live streaming solution, camera devices become an additional smartphone camera using the Huawei device virtualization system. With one click on the moderator’s phone, it is easy to switch back and forth between the cameras. Products can be presented from different angles and in an attractive way. The technology is cost effective and is easy to operate from a single device.

The solution also includes HUAWEI HiAI, which can enhance the e-commerce live streaming experience by enabling scenario-based sales. With real-time background processing, digital backgrounds can be exchanged according to different scenarios, enabling natural and intuitive product demonstrations.

With the AR capabilities of Huawei integrated into the live streaming, products can be presented even more clearly: For example, the internal structure of smartphones can be displayed to show the detailed design and processing quality.

In the case of live streaming, interruptions caused by frame freezing can be very disruptive. However, Huawei’s improved 5G and WiFi capabilities can reduce latency and increase download speed, enabling a more reliable and faster live streaming experience.

The combination of these technologies makes e-commerce live streaming easier, more efficient and more secure for everyday users.

As part of the online webinar, the “Pilot Collaboration Program” was presented, which is intended to support developers who want to develop more advanced live streaming solutions. Huawei will fund five global partners and help them use the innovative “HMS Core” to create more business opportunities in the Tap into ecommerce live streaming.

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Source: PR Newswire