LifeFuels App-driven Hydration Bottle with Personalized Plan

RESTON, Va., Feb. 4, 2020 /– Life Fuels, the creator of the world’s first portable nutrition bottle, announces today the launch of a new subscription service to help customers personalize and track what they drink every day.

Subscribers will receive a LifeFuels Bottle and choice of three FuelPods for a discounted price of $99. Each month, subscribers will have the option of automatic FuelPod renewal and the ability to modify or cancel service anytime, further fueling convenience and personalization. LifeFuels will still offer consumers a “Buy Once” option for $149, allowing them to choose their Welcome Kit between sweetened and unsweetened FuelPods.

“Customers consistently tell us two things: one, they use our bottle and LifeFuels App to track their daily hydration intake; and two, they optimize what they drink to experience functional benefits and personalized taste. Our new subscription model will help people receive a steady supply of FuelPods more conveniently, and provide options that fit each person’s lifestyle, taste, and needs, powering personalized hydration every day,” said LifeFuels CEO and Co-Founder Jonathon Perrelli.

FuelPod Flavors Range from Functional to Fun…. All While Powering Personalized Hydration

FuelPods are available in a variety of sweetened or unsweetened flavors (including peach, blackberry acai, lemon-lime, unsweetened cranberry-raspberry, unsweetened blackberry-lime, and more) that are paired with functional ingredients (such as electrolytes, antioxidants, and natural energy). Via the app, FuelPods can be mixed in multiple ways to provide a flavor and nutrient-packed personalized beverage, and subscription can be altered or changed anytime.

LifeFuels has also recently launched an Orange-Tangerine Immunity FuelPod which is packed with Vitamin C, E, and Zinc designed to provide extra support to the immune system.

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Source: PR Newswire