MamaThis, An App For Moms To Build A Trusted Community Of Support

EDGEWATER, Md., — Mama This®, a new app launching in select areas, is poised to help busy moms get more out of their day by calling on the strongest workforce – other moms. Designed by moms and for moms, MamaThis is bringing the “friend helping friends” cooperation into the modern age. While other apps help to get tasks done or provide a source of additional income, MamaThis is unique in that it is built as a network of trusted contacts. To help empower moms with a way to help themselves and others, Sara Stein developed MamaThis.

MamaThis allows moms to reach out when they need help from a community of trusted friends, neighbors and colleagues. “After I had my second child, I knew I needed help to get it all done. Every day the list of to-dos were more than I alone could accomplish in 24 hours,” said Sara Stein, creator of MamaThis. “I wanted to create a space where moms could come together and ask for the help they really needed – adding some time or revenue to their day – and feel comfortable trusting the network they have built through the app.”

MamaThis is designed for two types of moms; those looking to gain more time by soliciting extra help (Boss Mom) and those looking to supplement their income with some additional jobs, with the flexibility they need (Mom Boss).

A Boss Mom is a working mom who is trying to get more time out of her day. She can post a virtual or in-person jobs on MamaThis and pay to get the help she needs for tutoring, errands, light housework, projects, etc. By freeing up her daily “to do” list, it gives her the precious time for the things she WANTS to do – like some precious time for herself.

A Mom Boss is calling her own shots by deciding the jobs she’s interested in taking, the time she has to help and supplementing the tasks she’s already doing – grocery shopping, drop offs / pickups or returns around town. With MamaThis, she is the boss of how she spends her time and the extra income she’s interested in earning.

As a busy mom herself, Stein wanted all the aspects of the app to be easy, fast and user friendly. Setting up a profile and getting started only takes a few minutes. Then, each mom can work to build her community of support by inviting friends, family and neighbors to join. Payment is also a painless process that is all done electronically, quickly and securely. Each mom also has the opportunity to earn money by referring a friend. With the multiplier effect, the more moms that connect through the app, the more referral revenue there is to be made.

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Source: PR Newswire