Military Moving App Debuts During Pandemic

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C., May 4, 2020– MilVil’s timing is impeccable.

The U.S. military spends over $4 billion a year moving over 600,000 service members and their families.  Yet, they still don’t get it right.  Stories of frustrated families line many headlines – from broken furniture, to missed appointments, to low spouse employment.

MilVil was set to change all that, softly launching in March, with a bigger launch planned for the summer season.

This launch was perfect timing for the stop-movement order that stopped the majority of military moves through Jun. 30.

“I was in the military in multiple capacities for over a decade, living on three continents, before becoming an Army spouse,” said MilVil founder Katie L. Glover. “I’ve spent nearly half a decade working with hundreds of people to get the launch right, and our timing really nailed it.”

Despite the timing, MilVil is ready to take the moving season by storm, albeit a little later than expected. For now, focus shifted to being much more light-hearted, gaining social media presence, and, of course, sending out press releases.

Ultimately, the goal of MilVil is making moving easier for the entire family. MilVil breaks down a barrier.  Now downloadable on the App Store and Google Play, families can increase communication through calendars, checklists, appointment reminders, and basic understanding of military processes.

“My spouse was in the Army for over 15 years when we met, and my first move with the military was overseas,” said Terri Kaupelis, who was a probation and parole officer outside of Fort Stewart. “I didn’t understand the process before I was thrown into it, I am happy Milvil is available now.”

Founded in 2015, MilVil Inc. helps service members and their families through the Permanent Change of Station (PCS) process through an interactive app with semi-custom checklists, tips, calendars, budgets, receipt recording and more. The app’s main mission is to make the PCS process easier through increasing understanding and communication during the move.

We are safe in our houses because someone is serving the nation, sacrificing his/her lives, and protecting us from the enemy. They and their families moved around the country every three years, and we don’t do much to ensure they are alright. Therefore, MilVil Inc. has taken the onus of serving the service members and their families through the Permanent Change of Station. The app by the company will empower families with tools and resources, and ensure they have more time to daydream about new opportunities. Likewise, Panacea Infotech is doing exceptionally well in offering on-demand solutions to the people to access services using on-demand apps. Contact us to develop technology in tough times.

Source- PR Newswire