MORE Health presents a self-assessment for COVID-19

SAN MATEO, California : On March 24, 2020, MORE Health, a Silicon Valley-based cross-border telemedicine company, has released a self-assessment tool for COVID-19 in six languages , available at .


The MORE COVID-19 self-assessment was developed by a team of international and US experts. USA in infectious diseases, including Dr. Gary Schoolnik , former head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Stanford Hospital and professor of Medicine at Stanford University , and Professor Wang Yan , deputy director of the department of Infectious Diseases of the first Beijing University Hospital. Dr. Schoolnik has spent a lot of time researching and treating infectious diseases in the USA. USA and the rest of the world. He is currently treating patients with COVID-19 in the US. USA Professor Wang YangHe has specialized in the practice of clinical infectious diseases for over 20 years, has first-hand experience in treating patients with COVID-19, and remotely assisted healthcare personnel in Wuhan, Hubei, with severe coronavirus infections.


The self-assessment can help the user decide if they should recover at home or go to their testing center, it can help them decide whether to call 911 or contact their primary care physician. The MORE Health tool can reduce anxiety and panic for most people who don’t need testing, and it can also simultaneously identify many people with possible infections, easing the burden on healthcare systems and helping to identify those high risk patients.


To generalize access, MORE Health has made the self-assessment completely free of charge for users and hospitals around the world, to help them configure their hierarchical system of diagnosis and treatment. The website does not display advertising and does not collect any type of personal information.


Long before the outbreak began, MORE Health was already collaborating with Chinese practitioners by allowing them to use the platform to consult with the best doctors in the best hospitals in the US. USA Over time, MORE Health has refined the platform through hands-on case experience and technology enhancements. MORE Health is a leader in the field of cross-border telemedicine. It also has a great ability to make diagnoses with the help of artificial intelligence, and has developed artificial intelligence diagnostic programs for patients with lung cancer.


Transformation in technology has made the mHealth facilities simpler. With the outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe, it becomes necessary to offer a platform where patients can take diagnosis and consult with the doctors virtually. Panacea Infotech offers an advanced Healthcare solution that helps our clients to offer best services to their patients in this tough time when corona outbreak is at its peak.


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