Movious Launces Multiline On Salesforce AppExchange For Salesforce

California- Movius, a new leader in cloud-based secure mobile communications software, announced today that the company has launched MultiLine for Salesforce on Salesforce AppExchange, enabling sales professionals , Financial consultants, insurance agents, financial managers, and customer relationship managers can automatically capture customer communications directly in Salesforce-use the function of MultiLine to strengthen corporate communications data so that companies can analyze and extract insights, provide customers with better services and Support for increased profitability.

MultiLine creates efficient workflows and increased productivity to assist teams in improving relationships and customer engagement-communicating efficiently and compliantly while maintaining full visibility into all conversational data in CRM. Integration with major systems facilitates user adoption and effectively supports compliance processes. MultiLine for Salesforce is built on the Salesforce platform and is currently available on AppExchange

MultiLine Edge: Save time, serve customers, and stay compliant

MultiLine empowers global businesses by providing individual business numbers in employees ’existing devices for secure calls and text messages, while providing optional built-in voice and text recordings without the need to change the phone, SIM card, or user’s existing Mobile network.

With MultiLine, sales teams and consultants will benefit from an unparalleled user experience-business conversations automated through the MultiLine app can be captured and recorded in Salesforce, and the full capabilities of the business line can be viewed on any desktop browser.

MultiLine is designed to integrate customer communications into key Salesforce workflows to help improve employee productivity, customer experience and profitability:

Quickly create and automatically record a record of all calls and messages in CRM, eliminating manual input and allowing users to fully view potential customers and customer interactions.

MultiLine users can benefit from the “click-to-call” and “click-to-call” features directly in Salesforce, using their MultiLine numbers to call and send text messages to customers.

Productivity features such as quick reply text, and the ability to add notes during or after a call can help automate everyday tasks.

The integration supports MultiLine compliance features, including voice and text transcripts, dictionaries, and SMS opt-in.

Click-to-call via MultiLine, click-to-message customer conversations, and automated logging capabilities within Salesforce CRM can increase productivity, strengthen customer relationships, and enhance communication data insight. Technology transfer has been majorly influenced by the advent of mobile applications.

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