Mylio + Duo = A Radical, New Photo Experience

BELLEVUE, Wash., Sept. 14, 2020 — Mylio turns Duo into a powerhouse for working with photos. As the first Duo-optimized photo app, users can accomplish in one hand, what used to require a tablet or computer. The dual-screen photo experience is a game-changer. Use one screen to view a map showing where pictures were taken and see a gallery of the images from that place on the other screen. Or view a photo on one screen and magically watch it change while navigating the rich edit controls on the second screen.

Integrating a specialized device like the Duo is an important challenge. Duo users likely have computers, tablets, and phones, all containing pictures (and documents). For the first time, Mylio makes every one of those images seamlessly available across every device—and amps up productivity. Any photo changes made on the Duo are instantly made across devices.

Mylio CEO David Vaskevitch stated, “Mylio uses Duo to transform the photo experience. We make managing photos fun.” Often even the biggest phone screens are not big enough to fully experience our photos. The Duo delivers a screen surface area equal to a tablet with the two screens hinged in the middle. Vaskevitch explained how Mylio optimized this, “We asked, how can we use two screens to put the power of managing photos in your pocket and make it fun? After months of work, we are proud of how much fun it is working with pictures on the Duo. Mylio brings the Duo to life.”

Mylio, Photos, and the Duo: Better Together

Mylio takes advantage of the Duo’s two screens by presenting complementary information on each screen to manage photos quickly and intuitively. Examples:

See photos in context

Edit with ease

A portal picture tool

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Source- PR Newswire