Nagarro Connected Worker Solution Clears the Distance

MUNICH , Germany: Nagarro, a world leader in software engineering and technology solutions, offers the Connected Worker solution, designed to provide business continuity for employees while preparing the next world.


Connecting employees to new tools and technologies has been a business objective for some time, and the current global situation is accelerating this trend. Companies may have fewer employees available, in the field or at the factory, to perform various tasks. This situation is likely to continue because mobility restrictions are likely to continue in the short term.


Nagarro has implemented the Connected Worker solution for many customers from different industries. This solution including devices, platforms and accelerators enabled connected workers to perform repair and maintenance, inspection and quality, assembly, logistics and training tasks. The support of an expert, who previously requested a trip, can be efficiently carried out using Smart Glass or a mobile phone.


Nagarro’s accelerator-based approach helps to hasten solutions, supplemented by assessment and customization frameworks required based on relevant business use cases. Its vast network of partners constitutes the essential pillar on which this cutting-edge technological solution is based.


Michel Dorochevsky, CTO of Nagarro in Germany, said: “Obviously, many companies had to compromise during the first phase of the crisis! Our Connected Worker approach is a powerful solution helping companies to stay and remain productive beyond the crisis. Thanks to our multi-sector experience, we stand alongside our customers, from the concept to the implementation of the Connected Worker solution with a view to integrating it into business processes. ”


Nagarro’s Connected Worker solution takes advantage of its responsive installation model and the various digital tools for collaborating with customers. The basic solution can be improved over time thanks to artificial intelligence and advanced data analysis techniques integrating a large amount of information intended for employees and can be installed in various business systems .


Nagarro provides industry leaders and competitors with technology-driven breakthroughs. Amid COVID19 pandemic, innovative ideas like Connected worker solution are helping the organization to create better connection and coordination among the employees and also helping in streamlining operations among departmental process. Keeping in mind, Panacea Infotech offers business ready enterprise solutions that help clients not just in streamlining business operations but also helps in serving better service to their customers during pandemic.


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Source: PR Newswire