New App Recipeas Serves Up Recipes Users Can Make With Ingredients They Already Have

SAN FRANCISCO, May 12, 2020– Recipeas, the intuitive recipe search app that tells you what to cook with ingredients you have on hand, today announces the launch of their mobile app, available for iOS. By applying sophisticated probabilistic techniques, Recipeas aggregates the best recipes from leading websites and blogs, curated to the specific ingredients found in users’ kitchens, and for each in-app donation, Recipeas gives proceeds to a local food bank.

The best new recipe search app makes it easier than ever to find delicious, interesting recipes users can make without having to plan an elaborate meal or go to the grocery store. Recipeas first asks users about key ingredients that they are likely to have based on initial probability, and displays curated recipe results that they are likely able to make. With each use, Recipeas gets smarter, remembering the ingredients users select, and intuitively referencing decay rate to track expiration and supply. Hand curated by food lovers, new searchable recipes are added daily.

“Recipeas came out of a personal need,” said Nate McGuire, Founder of Recipeas. “It can be easy to get stuck in a rut with your cooking in quarantine, and I wanted to create something that would open up a new world of recipes, without a trip to the store. Recipeas is not only a source of inspiration and information, but a response to the times, and my hope is that the app will offer consumers a reason to stay home,” Nate continues. “Recipeas is also a means of giving back. My great-grandmother helped found a food bank in Northern California, and she inspired me to incorporate a donation program as a cornerstone to the app. The app is free to download, and users can donate through the platform with proceeds going directly to food banks across California; an initiative which is growing exponentially, thanks to our swiftly expanding user base.”

It is a well-known fact that cooking is an art, and not everyone is a mater. But with the advent of technology, cooking doesn’t seem so hard. Recently, an intuitive recipe app was launched by the name Recipeas that will tell people what to cook with ingredients you have on hand. Customers can now learn from the best recipes from leading websites and blogs. Similarly, Panacea Infotech is doing exceptionally well in providing on-demand apps, that people can access online. Collaborate with us to develop on-demand solutions.

Source- PR Newswire