New Reading App for Kids with a Unique Approach to an Age Old Problem

NEW YORK, Nov. 9, 2020 — TinyIvy, Inc., an EdTech startup, released Reading World, the first app designed to teach kids to read with TIPS™. TIPS™ is a patent-pending system that acts as training wheels for the ABCs to make decoding easier, faster, and less frustrating.

Reading in English is extremely tricky. One recent study shows that children required an average of eight years of effort learning to read in English for what they could achieve in a simpler language in a single year. In most complex languages, a system has evolved to help early readers read (pinyin in Mandarin or niqqud in Hebrew), but English, despite its complexity, lacks such a system. TinyIvy’s TIPS™ is designed to play that supporting role, in effect making English easier to read for young children.

With the TinyIvy Phonics System, if a letter is used in a non-standard way (think C in OCEAN), a “tip” is added, which children learn to decode. After learning the basic alphabet, ten TIPS™, and a little blending, children have the tools they need to sound out tens of thousands of words on their own.

In TinyIvy’s first small pilot using this system, the children made 9X faster progress in early reading skills than the control group. These results are currently being tested in a more formal study across 7 locations that will conclude in December 2020.

Briney Burley, who received her Masters in English Education from Teachers College at Columbia University, recognizes the value. “We are facing a literacy crisis. Even before COVID shutdowns, 79% of low-income students couldn’t read at grade level in fourth grade. It’s time for innovative ideas. I’ve taught kids to read with TIPS, and it is like nothing any teacher has ever seen before.”

TinyIvy’s Reading World takes full advantage of the personalized learning promise of digital apps while creating new potential for accelerated learning as students learn to work with the system. The game is available for free through level three on iOS and Android.

TinyIvy: TinyIvy develops apps, tools, and technology that make it easy for kids to learn to read, including the Reading World app.

Zachary Silverzweig: Founder and CEO at TinyIvy. Former Co-Founder and CTO at CipherHealth.

Briney Burley: Co-Founder, Curriculum Design at TinyIvy.

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Source- PR Newswire