ParkMobile Mobility Study Reveal Change in Consumer Behavior

ATLANTA, June 24, 2020– ParkMobile, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions, released a new research study today showing the impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior. The survey, conducted with over 2,000 ParkMobile users in the month of May, reveals that people plan to make significant lifestyle changes as a result of COVID-19 over the next two years, including less travel, less commuting, and attending fewer events. Additionally, people plan to use mass transit and ride sharing less often and use their personal vehicles more often.

The complete survey results are posted on the ParkMobile website at Below are some key highlights.

Additionally, survey respondents expect to increase usage of contactless payment options, allowing them to pay without needing to hand someone cash, a credit card, or touch physical payment hardware. According to the survey, 40% expect to increase their use of contactless payment options in the coming year, while only 4% expect that use to decrease.

“It is clear that COVID-19 is creating a ‘new normal’ for people everywhere,” says Jon Ziglar, CEO of ParkMobile. “This study shows that people are being extra cautious when it comes to the places they are going, how they are getting there, and the way they are making payments. These behavior shifts will most likely continue until there is a vaccine.”

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, the entire ecosystem has collapsed and therefore consumers have become more cautious of working with or meeting people. The results of ParkMobile survey indicate changing outlooks about where people will go and how they will get there. We at  Panacea Infotech, a leading app development company in the USA, provide on-demand apps to clients. Collaborate with us to develop on-demand solutions in these critical times.

Source- PR Newswire