Plannerly’s Autodesk Integration, BIM Management Platform Announced

IRVINE, Calif:  Plannerly announces integration with the Autodesk Forge platform and two new modules that now complete the BIM planning workflow for the design and construction industry.

The digital transformation of the design and construction industry involves the implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

BIM is an industry shift with huge potential; however, there can be some significant pitfalls if BIM goals, requirements and teams are not aligned.

Up until now, teams have been managing BIM projects using traditional methods with spreadsheets and sending word and PDF files by email.

With the launch of the Plannerly BIM management platform, teams are able to seamlessly collaborate across companies and quickly agree on BIM requirements to focus on getting the true value from BIM.

Plannerly is a unique visual tool converting difficult BIM planning processes into modules, categories, sections and tasks that one can simply drag and drop, which makes it easy to use and even a little fun.  It is a cloud-based BIM management platform for architects, engineers, contractors and owners to improve collaboration and communication. It is the common platform for all project stakeholders to co-create, review, comment and approve BIM Execution Plans (BEPs); define, agree on and assign scope; monitor progress and track deliverables – all in one dedicated on-line application. It helps simplify BIM planning, execution, monitoring and control. This platform is helping the teams to enhance the communication and remove waste. We help brands to eliminate the fragmentation and frustration between design, build, and operations stakeholders.

Darren Roos, VDC Director at a major U.S. contractor, says: “Plannerly is easy to put together, it’s easy to organize, it’s easy to view, easy to customize and it’s easy to invite people. It’s changed the way we manage information on our projects.”

Clive Jordan, Co-founder and CEO at Plannerly, says: “The team has been working so hard on our mission to make the boring administration parts of this digital transformation simple and actually quite fun! Today marks a major milestone.”

There will be an official launch event held at the Autodesk University in Las Vegas on November 18.

Much like Plannerly, Panacea Infotech, a Katalyst Group Company, also offers solutions that are key to driving digital transformation for enterprises and SMBs in various industries. Our cloud-based products are changing the way business operations are being conducted and bringing in efficiencies and faster data-driven decision-making for our clients.